25 women masturbation techniques & experiences


My first masturbation experience was when curiosity got the better of me and I peeped through my 19-year-old brother’s curtains and saw him masturbating.

It was the first time I had seen an erect penis and I watched in awe as he stroked it faster and faster until he came. Seeing his body twitch and watching him squirt made my pussy tingle and I reached down and felt how incredibly wet I was. I hurried back to my room and started exploring this new phenomenon. To this day I am amazed that it took me so long to realize the pleasure one can get just touching oneself. Although I know now that I didn’t cum, the feeling of slipperiness as I moved my finger in my crack was incredible. I didn’t insert a finger into my vagina. I didn’t know I could and I really didn’t need to. I must have accidentally stumbled across my clit because, even though I didn’t feel a lump or anything, it really tingled and sort of sent sparks up and down my legs and in my belly.

I have been very lucky to have had 3 older and more experienced boyfriends who have complied with my wish to stay a virgin until I am married (I wouldn’t say they were too happy about it though). I have learned an incredible amount about my own body from guys who have delighted lots of pussies! I guess it stems from my first masturbation experience but I really get stimulated by being with a guy, fondling and stroking his cock but holding off letting him cum until he is about to explode and then watching him finish himself off while I masturbate. Once he has cum, I get him to lie back, I kneel over him and slide my pussy along his cock using the mixture of his cum and my juices as lubrication. I love the feeling of his warm prick between my lips and can move my body so that the head of his cock presses on my clit – just awesome! My excitement builds and builds as I feel him harden again and I can take longer and longer strokes along him. I can get to that awesome level where my pussy starts to throb before he cums again and I explode with the feeling of him pulsing between my lips. I draw myself back so that I can look down and watch him squirt. I know I squirt a bit too but with all his and my juices on him, it is impossible to tell how much!

Sorry, I have rambled LOL. I am a very visually stimulated girl and use a mirror while I am masturbating. I kneel on my bed with a shaving mirror between my knees. I then start stroking my inner thighs and watch the petals of my pussy unfold. It is such an amazing sight, seeing the inner lips start to protrude and then unfold and thicken. I stroke higher and higher and start to push outward on the top of my thighs so I can watch myself opening.

I also pull up slightly and that pulls back on my hood and rubs it over my clit. I get wetter and wetter and when I feel I cannot handle it any more, I move my left hand up to open my inner lips and use my right-hand middle finger (more sensitive and easier to control) to circle my clit.

Sometimes I find that moving my hood back and forth over the head of my clit using my thumb and index finger helps to get my clit even more erect and accessible.

When I cannot take the teasing any more I slip my finger between my lips and then stroke it directly on my clit using a sideways movement of my finger. Within a couple of minutes, I start to feel the tension mount and I slip my index and middle finger into my pussy, curl them round and “walk” them over my G-spot. My whole vagina seems to swell and loosen and as soon as I press on my pubic bone, hot fluid pours out of me. I go back to my clit and after a few strokes, the most incredible feeling washes over me. My pussy goes into spasm and I stop moving to watch my whole vulva tremble and twitch. By leaning back a bit I can actually see the walls of my vagina tightening and loosening and it takes a good minute for the waves of ecstasy to subside.

I have found that “after the play” is stimulating. I gently stroke the tops of my thighs and watch as my pussy slowly folds itself away and the swelling subsides. I have repeated this method for hours and never cease to be fascinated at the way a pussy responds to stimulus. I have never been with another woman but would love to do to someone else what I do to myself and watch her pussy respond to my touch.

Thanks again. I guess you may have to edit this as I have made it a little long LOL!


First I would like to express how much I love to masturbate! And this website has really helped me as well!

The way I masturbate is a bit different. At night, I lay in bed with my covers on top of me. I take of my clothes and massage my lips. I am shaved, so it’s so smooth. Then I stroke my clit. when i am really horny, I take out my electric tooth flosser. I don’t have the floss on it, so it just goes back and forth. I hold it on my clit, and fantasize. I fantasize about my friends and I doing a girl-on-girl three-way, but I’m not a lesbian.

Me and my one friend lay the other girl on her back and play and kiss and suck her breasts. Then we pull down her G-string and kiss her lips. By this time I usually orgasm. When I first started masturbating, I would feel like I was riding a wave and then just exploding. Once I even cried. But now, my vagina just spasms for 10 seconds and stops. I have tried caressing my body, and getting really worked up, but nothing helps…Any tips?


Hi! I’m 21 and have been masturbating for a long time, but my first sexual experience (oral sex/fingering, no intercourse) this spring made me a little bolder in my self-love fun. Today I had a great time–already wet (I love weeks 2 and 3 after a period), and throbbing. Usually, I try to find the nub of my clit and rub, but today I found that rubbing perpendicular across the shaft of the clit, over the clitoral hood, set me writhing. I like to move my legs around, and see how it changes the shape of my vagina. Legs over the head makes it big and open. Today I pressed my legs together and lay on my side–it makes me really tight. Today was also the first time I did clit stroking simultaneously with g-spot stroking. Fun fun fun. I think learning first about what you want is more important than being sexually experienced. I still haven’t had penetrative sex, mostly because I think sex should not just for the body, but a connection on a mind level, too, and I just haven’t found that yet in a guy. Also because I am still a virgin (in a way)–my hymen is still intact, and since I know sex will be uncomfortable the first time, I want to do it with a guy who will care enough to make it a good experience for me. I anticipate getting a clitoral hood piercing–I think it would be a great way to help me personally experience my sexuality and give awareness to what my body can do. I enjoyed this site A LOT! and am really glad I found it. Interesting on a feminist scholar level, and also personally.


I start off by going In my basement and taking my Uncle’s old porno magazine I then go upstairs to the top floor in the middle of the night (when my grandparents are asleep) ….I read some of the stories and I look at the girls spreading their legs and playing w/ their selves. I then strip my
underwear and pants.. then I spread my lips with one hand, then rub my clit with the other. It feels so good…When I orgasm, I like to stop and look at the pictures, then I start all over again.

I also like to get Ice-cubes and run them up and down me. when the ice-cube gets small enough, I stick it in my hot-hole and it feels SO good. Sometimes I use an electric tooth-brush (That I only use for pleasure) and I put it on the highest setting…it is AWESOME…I am 15 and a virgin….I like to go to my friend’s house…and we take turns “playing” with each other….She is GREAT!!!!!

I’m 13 and have been masturbating since I was about 10 my first encounter with myself was with an electric toothbrush. The brush felt so good vibrating against my clit. I usually masturbate by touching and rubbing my clit in different ways, Mmm. I also feel really really turned on when I watch myself in the mirror playing with my pussy.


I too have been masturbating since I was about 19; and I am now almost 43. I have never told anyone about this, because I felt I was probably “not normal” in some way. I have been married for 24 years; and the sex is good. Yet, I truly desire women and that is what I fantasize about when I am masturbating. I love big breasted, plus size, curvy women. I have never had a sexual relationship with a woman–only fantasy.

I only masturbate in the tub. We have a handheld shower that many of you also have talked about. It has an adjustable setting and I use the setting that pulsates the water. I put some liquid soap on my hand and gently rub my vulva and clit, slowly stroking and flicking my clit with my fingers. Mental imagery is very important for me, so I close my eyes and think of another woman gently massaging my clit as my fingers go in gentle circles. Then I put the pulsating showerhead between my legs. Ours is designed so that is has a long cord on it, which allows me to lay on my back with the water pulsing between my legs as I play with my nipples. I use liquid soap once again on my nipples; it is such a slippery and sexy feeling as I begin pinching and tugging my nipples–this makes my clit go crazy! I still have my eyes closed thinking of another woman stroking my clit and sucking my nipples. It doesn’t take long for the pulsating water to do the trick and I am coming like crazy! I have to make myself keep the water between my legs because it can get overly sensitive for a few seconds….but if I do, the rewards are great and sometimes I can come again right away!

I’m a big fan of masturbation and clit stimuli and while I consider myself straight while masturbating I fantasize about women. All of my porn is girl/girl lesbian and I prefer the most hardcore porn available. I have a very close girlfriend and one evening she came over and we were having some wine and chatting girl talk when porno’s came up. She had never watched a lesbian flick so I asked her if she wanted to watch one. Of course she did and I obliged. We were sitting in my living room so I asked her to follow me to my bedroom. We were oddly quiet in the beginning as I tooled around the bedroom while she watched trying to keep myself from becoming outrageously horny. I had never considered her anything more than a close friend and I certainly hadn’t considered having sex with her. Anyway, I became so horny that my panties were soaking wet. When I finally sat down on the bed where she was laying I told her I needed to masturbate and asked her if she would mind if I did it in front of her. She nodded her head without commenting so I stood up and removed my shorts and panties. I grabbed a clit stimulator from my nightstand and laid down on the bed. I usually like to spread my legs wide, rock my hips, and moan when I masturbate but I was afraid of touching her leg so I did my best to stay in my own space. I propped a pillow under my ass as normal and began rubbing my clit with my fingers. My pussy was dripping and the cum was warm and delicious as I transferred it to my clit. I had to start and stop because I was so close to cumming. It felt surreal and I wanted it to last. She was squirming a little bit and I thought she was uncomfortable with my masturbation. The next thing I knew she had wiggled out of her jeans and was positioning herself in a kneeling pose between my legs. She asked me to spread my legs wide and remove my top so she could get in closer and rub my nipples. I did what she asked and helped her put a pillow under herself. She opened her legs really wide and had them around mine so I could see her pussy as I rubbed and massaged myself. I had never been that close to another woman before unclothed and I was fascinated and overcome by how beautiful the experience was. Her clit was swollen and I could see the cum around the opening of her pussy. We were completely in the moment when I had the most explosive orgasm I have ever had. We came so hard the first time. We played two more videos and masturbated for hours. The only thing I regret was not having the courage to put her clit between my lips and suck her to orgasm. I was actually fantasizing about it with her there in front of me but I didn’t want to do anything that would break the trance we were both in. I guess it just felt weird because she was such a good friend and I hadn’t considered her a lover. Anyway, that was the one and only time it ever happened with her but I’m happy to report I finally have had the experience with a woman. It is everything I had hoped it would be. There is nothing like having a clit between your lips and knowing what it feels like for the other person. Divine!


My name is Heather and I’m 20 years old. I stumbled across your site when I was reading up on female ejaculation. I did it once when my boyfriend was eating me out and rubbing my G-spot at the same time. He practically went crazy, it turned him on so much. I have been trying to do it since because I love to turn him on like that, but so far no luck.

Anyway…I enjoyed reading about everyone’s experiences with masturbation. In my experiences with female friends, masturbation is a taboo subject…everyone always denied that they did it, including myself, saying that it was “gross”. Thinking about it now, I bet every one of them has masturbated at least once, if not frequently.

I masturbate at least once a day, if not more. Currently, my boyfriend is living 1500 miles away from me and we have only gotten to see each other every three months or so. I am an EXTREMELY sexual person with an EXTREMELY high sex drive, so this has been very hard for me. When I was living with my boyfriend before he went away to school and we were having sex frequently, I would only masturbate once a week, if that. Now I am up to twice a day…not that I’m ashamed of that whatsoever. I am just one of those people who can have just finished having sex, and want to do it again two minutes later.

I would say I’ve been masturbating since I was about 10 or 11. I just remember one day that I just felt really horny…I didn’t know that was what it was THEN, as I had no concept of “horny”, but having been sexually active both with myself and a partner for years now, I know that’s what it was. I just had this overwhelming urge to touch myself “down there”, which wasn’t a place I ever touched myself except when using the bathroom and bathing. This will probably be funny to all of you, and I think it’s funny too, but does anyone remember those books about reproduction and puberty from the late seventies? They were called “Where Did I Come From?” and “What’s Happening to Me?”. Well, I found the Where did I come From book and went to the page with the illustration of the man and woman having sex. I started rubbing myself down there. I remember the way I did it for a long time was I kind of…folded my outer labia over my clit and rubbed it until I came. It took a long time and my orgasms were never very intense, but to me it felt like heaven.

I’ve used a lot of different things to facilitate my masturbation…one of my grandmother’s particularly racy romance novels, a Reader’s Digest article (lol!), etc. When I was about 13 I started reading a teen magazine that had some stuff in it about masturbation. My mom had a massager…it was a big hand held thing that had this purple rolly ball with nubs on it. I used to roll it back and forth over my clit, over my underwear because it hurt when I just did it bare. Later, I discovered the bathtub trick.

I didn’t start getting into penetration while masturbating until after I had sex with my boyfriend at 17…mostly because I was extremely tight down there and it was painful. But now that I have been sexually active with my boyfriend for the past 3 years, I literally cannot get off without penetrating myself, either with my fingers or a cylindrical object. I have a “personal shaver” that kind of buzzes and vibrates and have used that a couple of times, both on my clit and in my vagina.

Most of the time, I lay on my back with my right leg bent in at the knee and laid flat to the side and my left leg bent at the knee with my foot flat on the bed. Kind of a 90-degree angle looking deal. Most times when I actually get to the point where I want to touch myself, I am extremely wet, aroused, swollen…whatever you want to say. First, I rub my finger around my vagina and spread my wetness around. I run my finger around my outer labia, then around the inner, and around my clit. I kind of flick or tap my clit a couple of times with my fingertip, then dip down and into my vagina. I don’t ever really touch my breasts or nipples as this only feels good to me when my boyfriend is doing it…I get nothing out of it when I do it myself. Sometimes I dig my nails into my inner thighs and drag them down (I am not full-fledged S&M, but I do like my pleasure spiked with a bit of pain…biting, scratching, rough sex, etc.). I continue to do the flick, tap, and finger method. Then I rub my clit with my fingertip in a circular motion, going slow then fast, slow then fast. I slowly build myself up to orgasm this way, and just when I’m about to orgasm…I stop. I guess you have to have really good control of yourself to do this, because sometimes even I can’t resist the temptation to just push myself over the edge! During sex with my boyfriend, I love being teased like that, so I do it when I’m alone as well. I bring myself to almost-orgasm at least five times, more often more, and when I finally feel like I am ready to let myself orgasm, I use my left middle finger to finger myself. I pretend it’s my boyfriend’s penis as I thrust it in and out of myself. Then I start to massage my clit again with my middle fingertip on my right hand and I let myself orgasm.

I don’t know if there is any scientific basis to this, but my theory is, that continually bringing myself to the edge of orgasm several times before letting myself go over the edge creates more blood pooling in the pelvic area. When you finally let yourself orgasm, there is more blood to be released, and hence stronger sensations and contractions.

To anyone who has never “teased” themselves like this before…I STRONGLY suggest it. I used to be embarrassed that I masturbated, but I quickly got over that. Masturbation is a completely normal, healthy activity and anyone who does so is NOT weird, gross, perverted, strange, etc. I can almost guarantee you that EVERYONE does it.


I’m 19 and the best masturbating experience for me was when my parents and I were on holiday and we were staying at a tropical resort. One day they went out and left me alone in our gorgeous tropical hut with a private hot tub. I knew they wouldn’t be back for hours so I decided to get into my brief, sexy bikini (which kind of turned me on!!) and i went into the hot tub. The jets which the bubbles were coming out of were on full blast and I knew that they would be really pleasurable so got in, started to caress my body and pulled down my bikini bottoms, pressing my clit hard on the jets. The bubbles felt amazing and my body was jerking back and fourth against the jets, it was the BEST feeling ever. It was also really good because I didn’t have to pleasure myself using my fingers which causes you to concentrate on what you’re doing but this, this was great coz it felt like someone else was doing it for you but MUCH harder and hotter! When i got out my legs were weak and my clit was tingling with arousal, it was great!! The only problem is I don’t have a hot tub at home so i cant do it all the time, but I made my stay at the resort worth my while as i did it about four times each day!!! I recommend it to anyone who has a hot tub or is going on holiday, BEST TECHNIQUE!!! Anonymous

I think I’ve been masturbating (including orgasm) since I was in the 2nd grade. At this time my sister and our neighbor were in Kindergarten and sometimes when we were unsupervised we would all play doctor. It always seemed the cure for every “ailment’ was a pelvic exam… I remember we would take turns placing the toy stethoscope on each other’s clits and rhythmically moving it. This would actually bring me to orgasm! Now and days I enjoy sitting in front of the computer with my legs spread as wide as possible watching porn (although I’m straight for some reason my favorite is close-ups of pussys and/or clits) as I rub my clit. I love to pull my plump lips as wide open as possible and at times insert a shampoo bottle etc. I will either alternate this with caressing and pinching my nipples or if I really want to come hard I’ll just put a clothespin on each nipple. (Just try it…..) Sometimes I’ll put a clothespin on each of my pussy lips and then pull them open for an even nastier sensation. I’m always trying to find new ways of pussy play!


I am addicted to masturbation. I am 15 and do it several times a day (when possible).

Since I discovered my vulva and clitoris at the age of 18, I have been hopelessly addicted to its incredible ability to control my entire body and mind. I masturbate at least 3 orgasms per day. I simply use my fingertips and pressure from my hand. When I started at 5, I would put both hands between my legs while lying on my tummy. I would push my hands against my coochie and rock my hips back and forth and up and down. I remember how it tingled at first then began to throb. It felt so good. I began to experience orgasms after only the second or third time I did it. That was it, I was hooked!

I do it so often that sometimes I am even masturbating while talking on the phone to guys or my friends. It makes me feel so naughty. I love it! It’s so funny when I have to hold the phone away for a few moments when I cum so that they don’t hear me grunting into the phone. If only they knew.

I remember that, by the time I was 17, my need for orgasm had already become overwhelming. It seemed that nearly every moment that I was alone, my fingers would be in my panties, stimulating my incredibly sensitive clitoris. I would play for as long as it took to eventually make it quiver with an orgasm. Not much has changed since then.

I actually have many difficult days in school, as my pussy gets involuntarily excited throughout the day, in anticipation of me getting home and relieving it. I often find myself squirming awkwardly in my chair, trying desperately to provide my pussy with some sort of frictional stimulation from contact with my panties. I squirm as long as it takes to get pressure to my throbbing clit. I even get so desperate at times that I ask to use the restroom, where I sit down and actually masturbate right then and there. Sometimes that helps, but often it just makes it worse because if somebody else comes into the bathroom I get too nervous to do it long enough to reach orgasm. On those unfortunate occasions I do my best to insert my panties into my crease and spend the rest of the day squirming in my seat.

What was ironic was, when I was little, how us girls used to tease all the boys about their “wieners” and about how we bet that they all played with them. Little did they know that this little girl probably had them all beat.

When I was in first grade I was already obsessed with masturbation. As soon as I got home from school, I would immediately change into something, usually a sun-dress, if I wasn’t already wearing a dress of some sort. This allowed me quick and easy access to my pussy while making it easy to cover myself if I was unexpectedly interrupted. Then, if I could not be alone in my room, I would go to the makeshift “playhouse” that I had created in the corner of our garage. After making sure that I was alone and I was well concealed, I would lift my dress just high enough to get my hand under the elastic waistband of my panties and would commence playing with my pussy… all the while keeping a close eye on the garage door.

Usually, within mere moments my hips would be rocking from the pleasure of my fingers on my bare, smooth pussy lips and hard, pea-sized clit.

I often wondered if I were the only girl in school who did this and if I somehow had discovered something that nobody else knew about. In the back of my mind, I also felt dirty and ashamed. I just had the feeling that little girls weren’t supposed to be doing things like that. However, the payoff was too rewarding and my coochie had already become too accustomed to the routine to stop.

I began wondering if my body were somehow different from the other girls down there, causing me to do this. I remember myself paying close attention to my friends ‘coochie’ when we would undress together to put on swimsuits or something, looking between their legs at their coochies, looking for something different. If they noticed my staring nobody ever said anything about it.

I quickly discovered that, on appearances at least, theirs looked nearly identical to mine. This now had me wondering if theirs felt like mine did and if they ever played with theirs. I later realized of course that most girls’ coochies look pretty much the same at that age and that every girl has a clit.

I badly wanted to tell my friends about my discovery and ask them if they ever played with their coochies, but never did.

However, odd or not, I was hooked and spent countless hours fingering my coochie to orgasm after orgasm. I became an expert at masturbation by the age of 10. I couldn’t help but wonder… “Does it get any better than this?” I had reached the point of amazing control of my vaginal muscles and clitoris. I would love to, and still do, stimulate my pussy to the very edge of orgasm, only to lay and enjoy the throbbing pleasure. I love the feeling, as it quivers in near torturous pulsations. I am usually able to do this 2 or 3 times before I can’t stop it anymore and I cum.

Anyway, I will continue to enjoy what God has given me. Cum one cum all! J


I am 41 years old and love to have my clit rubbed. Many times I will get my vibrator out and turn it on and usually I lay back spreading my legs open really wide. This makes my clit protrude and I get complete access to it. I love the way my clit feels as it begins to swell from my touch. I do this many times a day just hoping someone might knock on the door. Usually, I keep my shirt on. I start to play with my nipples. They are one of my most sensitive spots. I love to tease people ( men and women alike ). If I am expecting a package from my ups guy……..I know when he runs and I usually will start playing with myself a little before hand. Then when I answer the door, my nipples are swollen under my white t-shirt and I can’t help but play with one of my nipples by circling it all the while accepting my package. I won several wet t-shirt contests because my nipples are my best asset. When I am in a bar or lounge…….I usually wear a short skirt without any panties and a shirt without a bra on. I will accidentally drop something and a guy that is around me …usually one I don’t know, will end up picking it up for me. While he is bent down I slowly separate my legs to let my clit breath a little. There is nothing better than to see a guy come up after getting a good look at my swollen clit. Sometimes I have even had a guy nibble on it. After he is already up and interested………I will touch my own nipples and rub on my own clit a little just to tease him some more. Clits are a wonderful thing for me to feel.


I am nearly 21 now and I have been sexually active and fingering my pussy for nearly 3 years. I am bisexual and love to experiment with both boys and girls. I like to sit in the shower and turn it onto pulse stick my trusty dildo in my pussy and start pumping away! I then aim the water at my clit and I cum heavily within about 10mins and if I’m lucky I usually get multiple orgasms. I love the fact that I have a pussy and a Clit and that I have an organ in my body that is designed just to give me pleasure. If I ever get bored of fingering myself i just get another boy or girl to do it for me but that usually ends up in a full-blown pussy pounding!! which includes multiple orgasms and lots of cum!! I love masturbating and I love shagging I just can’t get enough!! xx


I enjoy using a make-up brush. I would lie in bed and use the bristles to rub over my clit while using a handle of another brush to push in and out of my pussy. As I get wetter I would do circles with the brush over my clit until I come.

Once in awhile, I might use my fingers but I usually use household items 😀


My name is Haley, and I’m 24 years old. I recently discovered this site while researching for my sex ed. class. I have been masturbating since I was 18, but I have tried some techniques and they worked great.

The only problem is that my family is very religious, and maybe because I’m not supposed to do that, it makes more fun. I have had boyfriends and kissed and have been caressed by a few guys, and I loved it. But then one of my girlfriends did it and it was more sensational than when my boyfriend did. I’m not sure if I’m lesbian or bi.


I have been reading your site for over a year. I have been masturbating since I was a young girl. I love it! I read to find new techniques as I have tried almost everything.

Something others might want to try is humping the kitchen chair. Mine have knobs on them and they are just the right height so that I can stand and pump. OMG, they gets so juicy.

I use vibrators, fruit, wieners with a rubber. I have done it in my car, at work, in bed, on the sofa…everywhere.

I fantasize about woman. I want to them suck a juicy cunt…mmmm. I want mine sucked and licked and loved. I have this fetish for big boobs. Oh to be sucking on one right now would be out of this world…I am dripping thinking of it.

I am enlarging my clitoris. As I write I have a syringe on my clit. It is somewhat painful but feels good too. I want it to be big. I stroke it like a man stokes his penis an I want it bigger for that reason.

I do have an animal fantasy. I have never tried it but I am willing if the opportunity appears. I am sitting on my porch in my nightgown in the semi-darkness. Out of the trees comes this huge gorgeous Irish setter. He comes before me and his nose go straight to my cunt. He is smelling and licking and his silky hair feels so fine against my legs. I lay back and he licks me and he licks me. I come almost immediately. I am hot for him. OMG it feels so good. I am loving it. I am coming right now as I write this. I pass out from the desire and lust for more. I do not go farther but can’t wait for the next time my friends appear.

I love sex with myself. It feels so good. I do it every day. And I will be doing when I am ninety.


I am 22 and have been masturbating since a was 15. I did not know what it was until I was 22. I did not know anything about the clitoris or the G-spot. I thought I had destroyed what was down there for my life. I found the word masturbation somewhere a few months ago and looked it up in the dictionary. It sounded a lot like what I did alone. Then, when I found this site yesterday, I read about girls who had started masturbating when they where 5 too. And I thought I was the only one!


I am 32 and started to masturbate my clitoris when I was about 18. Before that age I never new much about masturbating until I read a book about the facts of life, and was first touched by a man at 16. Every day, usually before I go to bed I sometimes start by putting on a DVD on, mainly women I like to watch, then lie back with my legs spread and start with rolling my nipples in my fingers and thumb, then I start feeling a bit warm and moist, then holding my labia apart with one hand so I can run my fingers in a circular motion on my clitoris, sometimes I use my vibrator on my G-Spot as well, and fantasize about a woman I had a one-off experience with is watching me and sitting with her legs spread, and saying sexy things to me until I have my orgasm. I share my fantasy with my boyfriend when he comes to see me, and I enjoy him to watch me as well. I haven’t yet spoken on the phone or emailed a woman while I masturbate apart from once a few years ago which was very brief, but I’d like to again if I had the chance to while I have an orgasm, but don’t know if I can through this site. That’s all for now until I go and put my DVD on. Bye.


I experienced my first orgasm when I was in the second grade. I achieved a clitoral orgasm (which is the exact same orgasm I experience now at 36). I masturbated regularly all my life and I believe I may have grown the world’s largest clitoris because of all the extra attention I’ve been giving it. I didn’t experience a clitoral orgasm through cunnilingus until I was about 23 or 24. Because of my partner’s (now my husband) wonderful mouth, my clitoris has grown even more. Now I’m debating whether I should try to profit from my gift.


I am 18 years old. I am a frequent masturbator and I have found that the most pleasurable way for me to get off is in the bath tub. What I do is I set myself right under the faucet. I turn the water on to a comfortable setting and I let it trickle onto my clitoris. I like to increase the water pressure by plugging the sides of the faucet with my thumbs. I let the pressure hit my clit. I moan and come every time. My clit throbs with pleasure. I think its better than getting eaten out. Even when I just think about doing it I can feel my clit getting hard. And sometimes when I think about it, and look at my clit, you can see it already peeking out from under the hood. It makes me so hard and wet.


My name is Kay and I’m 47 years old. I have a slightly unusual way of masturbating, which is actually in full view of a room full of people. There is a certain device at my local gym that is used to strengthen your abdominals, mainly obliques. You stand on two small pedestals while resting your forearms on bars and lean back on a back rest. Then you raise your legs – either straight out or bent at the knee. You do this multiple times, and certain work out pants help the effect more than others (tighter in the crotch). The repetition of the legs moving, rubs against the genitals and creates the most amazing orgasm. I discovered this by accident as I had gotten quite good at this exercise, and I never wanted to stop, so I achieved multiple orgasms.


Hi, My name is Chris and I love your site! I am 24 and I started masturbating when I was about 20 or 11. When I was younger me and a friend of mine would play games that would include having to have “sex” and we would lay on top of each other with our clothes still on and kiss each other. then one day she started rubbing me “down there” and it felt very good! So I did the same to her. We did this type of thing for about a year or so.

Now when I masturbate I love to imagine women having sex with me. I’m in no way a lesbian but the female body if so much more beautiful than the male body. I love this site and sometimes come here and read the stories to get me very horny. Sometimes I even go off right at the computer! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!


I’m 23 years old. I’ve been masturbating for about…6-7 months now. I had started by just penetrating myself with my fingers and seeing how many fingers I could put inside. Then I started using other things. Anyway, I decided to look that stuff up and I found out about orgasm. and…WOW. lol.

Normally I start off laying on my back on my bed at night. Then I put my index finger on my clit and start going in circles. After I’m really aroused and I get all wet, I turn over onto my belly and put my two fingers on my clit and start moving in a kind of humping motion. This is an awesome position cuz not only is it easier to move, if you do it right, you also rub your nipples around and stuff too. This starts to feel really good. Then I’ll start moving my pelvis around in circles. After a while when I feel myself start to reach orgasm I get to the point just before and stop. My body kind of takes over at that point and makes me go over the top.

To anyone out there…I say that masturbating is AWSOME! It makes you feel more in tune with yourself.


I’m 18 and totally addicted to orgasms and masturbation. I do it at least once everyday, average three or four times and once masturbated 13 times in a day, seven of those at the mall, mostly in fitting rooms but once in the middle of a crowded food court with a remote-control vibrating egg. One recent experience still makes me so hot I can’t think about it without masturbating again…

It was early evening and I was in my basement bedroom doing my “homework”. Yeah, right! I was totally naked on top of my bed, legs spread wide, favorite vibe deep in my cunt and approaching a very strong orgasm. I heard a noise, glanced up and there in the open doorway stood my best friend, who had arrived unexpectedly and been sent downstairs by my mom. I was much too far gone to stop and suddenly found the thought of an audience extremely hot anyway. Panting heavily I smiled at my friend Raylene and, without a word, kept plunging the rabbit in and out of my drenched pussy. In a few moments, Raylene had flipped up her halter to expose her titties, which are very like mine, small but with large chronically erect nipples. She had hoisted her denim mini, dropped her yellow panties, plunked in my computer chair and was soon fingering her puss. I couldn’t hold back and exploded in a thunderous cum-a-ton. As I floated back to earth, I watched through glassy eyes as Raylene worked her puss. I was already thinking about my next orgasm as I watched my beautiful friend cum. We still had not spoken a single word but were both smiling widely as Raylene tossed off her halter, unzipped her skirt, dropped it to the floor and stepped out of it as she walked toward the bed. I can’t tell the rest cuz I know this site is only about masturbating.


My name is Alana and I am 29 years old. I have been masturbating as far back as I can remember. I imagine I probably started around the ages of 4 or 5, when I became aware of the actual pleasure I felt when brushing accidentally against my clitoris. when I was younger, I would go hide in a dark, empty room and I would rub my genital against any object in the room until I achieved an orgasm. Nowadays, when I feel “horny”, I pull down my panties, I spread open my lips with my left index and middle finger, in a v shape, directly on the lips of the vagina. With my right index, I go straight to the tip of my clitoris and massage it, sometimes rubbing it gently, and sometimes quite fast. I love to imagine, that either a woman (this really turns me on!)is licking my clit, or any forbidden figure such as a priest. I open my legs, spread eagle and imagine how it looks to have these individuals eat me out. This usually produces great orgasm in me and I feel totally drain after the experience, until I next time.


As a very femme lesbian girl, I really enjoy the feel of delicate materials and lace against my skin. Maybe it only works for me, but I love to wear tights, stockings, and pantyhose, but only the all-sheer ones without the gusset. I’ve always touched myself for as long as I can remember, just because it felt good, but not really knowing why. As it started to feel good, I’d stop, thinking it was wrong, but eventually, I kept going and enjoyed my first orgasm. I was 10, almost 11 at the time. Since then, I could make myself come quite easily. As soon as I’d start to touch I’d instantly start to get wet, and my orgasms always are rather “dribbly”. But I’ve always enjoyed dressing up when I’m alone, just to feel through the materials. I love a frilly, lacy dress… either pantyhose or if I wear stockings I’ll wear sheer unlined panties… a camisole… lace cup bra… slip… and elbow-length lace gloves. I love to slowly feel through the layers, eventually removing them, and by the time I’m almost done my nylons or panties are soaked through. And I usually end up making myself come in them. Especially rubbing and fingering myself with the gloves on. I find that the fabrics hold my wetness, so I can feel it against me. I’m not really into needing objects inside me, but I will use some, depending on my mood. Even if I don’t dress up, I’ll masturbate most days, but I find that the week I’m ovulating, I need to do it more often, sometimes when I wake up, when I’m home from school, then at night. And a lot of the times I’ll come more than once. Those weeks are usually the times I’ll dress up if I’m alone and I know my mom has a long shift at work. Maybe some might find it strange, but if any do, I’d love to hear from you. Jenn.


Okay I have read many different techniques but no-one has written in about this one; I use a pencil, but not in my vagina! I use one of those pencils with and eraser on the end… I lube the eraser and put the eraser into the little space under the hood of my clitoris! I move it twist it turn it and rub it…it is amazing. Give it a try, I guarantee you’ll love it. It will make you orgasm very quickly and most intensely. Its awesome. Enjoy!


Hi I was wondering if there is any way for me to get in contact with any of the girls that have written on the clitoris forum? I’d really like to talk to some of them and maybe share techniques and what not. Reading all the posts on the forum alone makes me so wet they are sooo hot. I love laying down on my bed and spreading my legs wide… I also use an electric toothbrush on my clit and my god it feels SO good… I hold it on my little clit, sometimes moving it around a bit, pushing harder or softer. It really is amazing and I recommend it to everyone. I also use a vibrator at the same time to move in and out of my pussy… I don’t go too fast, I usually start deep and slow, pushing it against my g spot and letting all of the vibrations just consume my body. Sometimes I’ll take out the vibrator and just continue with the toothbrush and use the free hand to play with my tits, tease my self, pinch my nipples gently. I love that. I always end up with my legs bent in the air and as I cum I put the vibrator back in my pussy and move it in and out, sometimes fast or sometimes slow, hitting my g spot so hard, as the toothbrush continues to vibrate on my clit. It feels amazing… I love all the hot juices that my pussy produces as well. Mm. I want to do it right now because this made me so horny!! 🙂 Like Kelly, I also get turned on my lesbian porn, not male porn, even though I am straight. I would really like to get in contact with some of these girls…is that possible? Please let me know. thanks 🙂


Along with many other people, I was really shy to write to you guys at first.I am 24 years old and I started masturbating when I was about 18 or 19 years old. My mom and my sister know that I masturbate, but I am too scared to tell my dad. Anyway, before I masturbate, I find that watching 69 and lesbian porn turns me on and gets me in “the mood”. I love watching people suck and lick pussy. So I watch some of that and rub my clit at the same time. I always rub my clit through my panties when im watching porn, so it doesn’t hurt after.

Anyway, so then later when im really horny, I got a tell my parents im going to “take a shower”. I go to the bathroom, take off all my clothes and get in. I take the showerhead, make it warm, but not hot, and I start out using a pulsating stream of water. Then I switch to a fast and thick stream of water and put it directly on my clit. I find that it makes me cum really fast. While I hold the water on my clit, I think about the porn that I just previously watched and that makes me cum even harder. I think about lesbians licking and sucking each other’s pussies and I cum really fast. When I watch porn, I do it when im the only one home. But, I masturbate in the shower all the time at least once a day. I try to suppress my orgasms as much as I can, so no one can hear me, but they still are pretty loud! Well, my dad should be home any minute now, but I just wanted to share with you my technique!