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Dirty messaging around hotwives seems to be a big thing these days. Those great open-minded couples are eagerly sharing their private and lustful interactions with us all to enjoy. Whether she is a slutwife, a cuckoldress, a hobby whore or any other term you want to use, they seem to have the talent for sexting and the need to expose it to the world through the social tools and IM apps.

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Snapchat from a hot girlfriend that wants to feel full

Hey I have a question


Remember we said we should be more open to new stuff sexually?

Of course. Why?

Promise you won’t get mad if I ask you?

I promise

Oh boy… how do I ask this..

Would you ever let me have sex with someone else? Like with someone who has a really big dick?

Uhhh.Like who? And how big? Details plz? Why you ask that?

So Tivoli dated a guy named Zach awhile ago. They broke up and she said she could never have sex with him because his dick was way too big and it would never fit

Well, he would always hit on me and he messages me sometimes still. Would you ever let me try it? I want to know how it feels

Wow. How big? Would it stretch you out?

Idk. Tivoli showed me a picture once. It’s… massive..

Like bigger then the huge hung bbc you see in some porn. lol. I thought it was a fake picture when she showed me. She said it was 100% real. She couldn’t ever fit it in so they could never have sex.

It turned me on when she used to talk about it. She said she could get the tip in and that’s it. It turned me on when he hit on me, but I never said anything.

Sorry, hope your not mad.. 🙁

Damn, that’s crazy.. I’m not mad. I think its hot. Do you think he would have sex with you?

Yeah.. we used to sext each other before I started dating you. I haven’t in a long time though I  promise

So do you have a pic? How big it is?

No, I deleted them. Idk like 14 inches, I guess. I asked him once..

Are you shitting me?! That’s like over 2 times longer than mine!

Ya, I won’t if you don’t want me to baby. I just always fantasized and him trying to fuck me and trying to fit it in me..

You are the biggest I’ve ever been with. You know I’ve only ever slept with 2 other guys before my whole life

I’m not big enough?

Idk.. it feels good. I just want to know what it feels like to be so full you can’t fit another single inch in you. To be stretched out as wide and as deep as I can go 🙂

I don’t even know it could actually fit but.. ya

Baby? Are you mad?

No im good. Could I watch?

You would wanna watch me get fucked by a dick 3 times the size of yours? You wouldn’t be jealous? Or mad?

What if he makes me orgasm? Would you be okay with another guy making me go right in front of you?

And I would be sore after so we probably couldn’t do it for awhile..

I would probably get jealous buy not mad, I think its hot

Really? So you would let me? 🙂

Yeah of course 😉

Omg. Thank you babe! You’re the best. Can I text him? Can it be tonight?

Wow. Eager much? lol. Go go it

Ya I’m super wet and horny now. I have wanted this for a long time. Are you sure? I will give you a blow job after if you want. Will it make you horny to watch?

Yeh duh. lol. Okay 🙂

Will you be stretched out? What if sex isn’t the same between us anymore after?

I’m texting him. Idk I will probably be stretched and not tight but I don’t think it lasts forever. Just a few days maybe?

Omg. He said to come tonight. What should I say?

I just flirted with him a little, asked if he wanted to “netflix and chill” lol!

Does he know you have a bf? Ask if I can come. I want to watch..

He knows. What if he thinks its weird? Would you still let me if you weren’t there?

Ummm… I dono.. ugh

Please, baby }{I’ll give you a blowjob when I get home. I’ll swallow all your cum and everything

Fine. I just wanted to watch you get wrecked lol. MAybe take pics or something?

Yay! Omg im so wet I need to like change underwear.lol

I can try to take pics

Would you make him wear a condom?

I dono. What do you want? Do they make condoms that big?

Honestly, you want o know what I want?

Yes, baby. Tell me

I just want you to have a good time and feel good. Do whatever you want. I just want ot know what happened. If you want to feel him in you then you can it without a condom. That’s fine

Just.. if he cums in you I want a pic of the aftermath. Or come home and let me see

Wait so you’re okay if he cums inside of my pussy?

Yeah just come home and let me see right after or take a pic or something

Omg you’re the best bf ever


A hotwife is born on whatsapp


Hey love! You ladies having fun?!

Yep! We just go to Milk. We drank 3 bottles of wine at dinner and stopped at the bar Jessicas boy toy works at on the way here and had a drink there. We are all feeling pretty good right now


Might want to slow down a little, it’s only 10!

Lol, I know right!

Some guy that Steph knows is here with a bunch of his friends and he already bought us a round here too… pray for my, liver!

Already got a bunch of dudes buying u ladies drinks huh ??

Oh stop it! I’m not that drunk yet!

Gotta go, text ya later!


Hey, how’s it going? You ladies all still upright?

I think so! Haven’t seen Tara for a while, I’ve been out dancing with Steph and Jessica, and that group of guys that Steph knows.

Yeah?? How’s that?!

It turns out that that guy and Steph know each other reeeally well from back in college. His name is Tadd and she told me a couple of stories about them hooking up back in college when we went to the bathroom.


Soooo… I was wondering if that hall pass is still on the table?

Whaaaat??? Like what kind of hall pass are we talking about here, just so I’m clear what you are asking?!

Stop it! You know what I mean!

I know we talked about it a while ago, but you said you loved me too much and could never do something like that ?!

I know I did, and I do love you! I promise I would never cheat on you or do anything behind your back! We were just having fun dancing and he’s super hot and I’ve had a few drinks and I know you said that before. If It’s not ok and you say no I won’t do it!

I didn’t say no.. Just surprised that you changed your mind and caught me off guard. So what kind of hall pass are we talking about ?! Have you done anything already?

Sorry, I caught you off guard! I thought the hall pass was like if the opportunity presented itself and I wanted to do something with another guy it would be ok with you? An I haven’t really done anything much yet…

Well, that is that the hall pass is that we talked about, but how far are you planning on taking the hall pass? And haven’t done anything much ?? That means that you have done something!! What have you done already ??

Ohhhh, that’s what you meant. Well, how far does my hall pass allow me to go? And we really haven’t done like anything other than dance and kiss a little bit. And I may or may not have brushed my hand over the front of his pants…

I hope you’re not mad! Sorry, I know I should’ve had this conversation with you before, buy it was just in the heat of the moment on the dance floor!

I’m not mad! Now that the initial shock is wearing off I’m actually pretty turned on…

As far as how far the hall pass goes, that’s up to you! That’s what the hall pass is, a free pass to do whatever you want as long as you come home to me after and tell me what happened in details! So your answer is yes, as long as you can handle that!

THANK YOU BABY!! I think I can handle all that, are you sure you can?? I was thinking of leaving with him to go back to his place. I will definitely come home to you, I’m just not sure if it’ll be tonight or in the morning, is that ok? I don’t want to do anything you’re not ok with.

Well, if my rock hard cock is any indication, I think I’ll be ok!

Does he know you are married? Are you going to fuck him? You said you rubbed his pants, does he have a big dick? Is ut bigger than mine?

Hang on, brb!!


Sorry, had to deal with the ladies. Just ordered an Uber for Tara and Jessica they’re both wasted/

Steph is leaving with one of Tadd’s friends too. I told her to go ahead and that I’d get my own Uber home.

Do you think she knows you’re going to leave with Tadd?

Probably, but she’s pretty drunk right now as well so she probably won’t even remember.

OK, I’m getting ready to leave now too, are you sure this is ok?? I don’t want anything to jeopardize what we have!! I love you and don’t want to hurt you!!

Yeah, I’m good, you should go and have fun!

You are the beastest hubby ever!!

OMG, I’m so excited and nervous! I hope you don’t mind me telling you, but my panties are completely soaked right now!

I don’t mind you telling me at all! I told you I want ALL of the details!!!

OK than mister, you’ll get them! To answer your questions, yes I am planning on fucking him. I felt his bulge and it feels huge! Actually, I was just confirming because Steph already told me that he’s one of the biggest she’s had. That’s part of the reason I texted you, she said it’s big and he knows how to use it! And yes he knows I’m married, it didn’t seem to deter him at all when he made his move to kiss me

Ugh, I’m really fucking turned on now… sure you don’t want to just come home and fuck me instead?

I will if that what you want

No!! I want you to and have that experience! That’s why I told you you could have the hall pass to begin with! Go get your brain fucked out

Oh, I’m going to!! Ok, we are leaving now, last chance!

I love you baby! Text me if you can to let me know how it’s going and that you are ok. If you need me to come get you I will jump in my car and get there as fast as I can!

I love you too!!

I will text you if I can, but I’ll probably be busy for a while

Just got to Tadd’s condo

Already came once in the Iber with him fingering me…

I looooooooove you!! Thanks so much for letting me do this!! Ttyl

you are welcome my love! Probably won’t be able to sleep, txt me if you can!

Hope you are having the time of your life


He’s like an animal! He just fell asleep after fucking me for almost 2 hours straight! My poor pussy is going to be sore for a week! So fucking good

Hope you finally fell asleep, I love you! Thanks again, this had been a lot of fun and I can’t believe you let me do it.

Not asleep yet! My stomach has been turning flips and I’ve cum twice. Any details you want to share before you go to bed?

Awww, sorry you couldn’t sleep and you’re not feeling well!

I’m fine! Just anxious to hear from you and super fucking honey!

Are you sure you want details now? Won’t that make it harder to go to sleep?

It’ll probably make it harder, but I’m not worried about sleep right now

LOL! Fair enough. Well definitely as big as advertised, holy shit! I’m sorry my love, but definitely a lot bigger than yours. Only probably a little bit longer, but it’s sooo thick! It took him a while to even get it inside me it was so big! We hardly got thru the door before we started tearing clothes off each other. He pinned me against the wall and started fingering me and sucking my tits, I think he may have left a few marks, oops! Then I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. Like no lie, I could only get like third of it into my mouth and my fingers couldn’t touch while I was stroking it… Is this too much details 

Holy shit, are you kidding me?! This is hot as fuck!

Ok good!! So I sucked his dick for probably 5 minutes and then he picked me up and put me onto the counter and started eating me out. Definitely not as good as you at that!! I was so ready and it was so hot I came for the second time and it took like 2 minutes tops! Then we moved to his bedroom. He pushed me down face first onto the bed and pulled me up onto my knees and started to put it in. Fuck, it hurt like hell, but it felt sooo fucking good at the same time! I didn’t think he’d be able to get it in for a minute, but he finally did. We fucked in every fucking position possible. He was tossing me around from my back to my stomach and I rode him for a long time too, that was probably the best. I lost count of how many times I came, it was a bunch though!

How many times did he cum? And where? Condoms?

Nooo, I’m not sure if they even make condoms that big? I guess they probably fo but he didn’t wear one… He came three time total, the last one was in my mouth, the first two were inside me… I hope that’s ok? It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop and when he said he was about to cum I just told him to cum inside me. After that, there was no reason not to let him do it again

And now I just came again as well…


Really? When was the last time you came three times in a night?

Probably high school, jerking off to Penthouse stories of wives fucking other guys

Omg, for real?? So this isn’t like a new thing for you?

It is not…

Well, I’m glad I got you off three times tonight then too! LOL!

I’m going to go to bed is that’s ok sweetie. I’m exhausted and I want to get us at a decent hour to come home and give you all of the rest of the details you want to snuggle with you

That’s just fine my love! I’m glad you had fun and finally took advantage of the hall pass!!

I’m glad I did too, and I’m so glad you gave it to me!!

Hotwives and Bulls near

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