13 ways to please your chastity boyfriend

I am trying to figure out ideas to rile up my boyfriend without it being sexual (i.e. sex or hand jobs). He likes to be teased and humiliated. Although it should be noted that I am a plain sort of person and am not into things like having him walk around in female underwear as humiliation.

I just want to gratify his submissiveness and keep him on a sexual edge. What’s the best way to give him the chastity thrill without having to engage in sexual activity?

  1. Some objectification might also be good for you. Have him get on all fours or back or tummy and act as your footstool or have him lie on the couch and then sit on him as you read, watch TV, whatever. Non-sexual but still gives you some contact and a connection, and, unless you forbid it or blindfold or hood him, he can still look at you.
  2. Tie him to the bed, spread eagle. Then go through Your closet trying on everything You own. What You’re doing is cleaning out Your closet and getting rid of things that either no longer fit, or you don’t like anymore. But he has to lay there watching, maybe gagged, as You talk to him about how slutty this makes you look, or this is more a Mom look and You don’t like it. Hell stick an adult toy in his mouth and have him hold it there while You to through more clothing. Try cleaning out the dresser as well. Get rid of those things where the elastic has to warn down and they really need to be removed. Or You can put them in a special place for him to wear if he is a good boy and You order him to put them on.
  3. A good tickle and sensation play. It is very erotic to go over her body with feathers, vampire gloves, sand grit, hairbrush, or smooth stones (anything your body isn’t used to touch)and then nothing sexual after. You get tons of enjoyment and he gets tons of frustration…
  4. Make him be naked at home for a period of time or while doing chores all while not allowing him or preventing him from touching himself in any way – either by order or even tie his hands.
  5. Take him out to the back yard to get a tan. Put in writing on his back with suntan lotion, “I’m a chaste man” or “I’m locked in a cage forever!” maybe “I love to suck cock!” and let him tan. Don’t burn him, we don’t want a baby needing attention from a sunburn. Then have him work in the back yard some time with his shirt off, and warn him about going to do the front yard that way. You can always use the issue of forcing him to take his shirt off anywhere he acts up. He will never know if it disappeared if You put it on his back. Even at a family event if he doesn’t act properly.
  6. Have him watch something erotic with hands at his side only or bound. To be more attentive to you he could massage your feet, have him wash you while you shower, but he is blindfolded.
  7. Read an erotic story to you. Go with it and start masturbating while he has to concentrate and never lose his place or train of thought.
  8. Have him clean the bathtub
  9. foot rubs are good. You get to be up on the couch, watching TV or simply ignoring him and he gets to lotion up your feet and massage them as he’s kneeling on the ground. He gets to touch your feet (which every boy loves) and he’s also down on the ground below you which is just one of those subconscious things that always get ME going, at least.
  10. Let me paint your toenails
  11. Keep him wearing a buttplug, Send him to work with one and make him wear a big one at home and when you go out together. It’s a way of reminding him he’s being fucked all day long.
  12. Order him to touch you anytime you bend over to pick things up.
  13. Have him make you a romantic dinner at home. Candles, best plates, and an outstanding grouping of food that is clearly adult candy to eat. Have him cook and serve you naked. As You recline in a chair watching him cook. Have a discussion on what this is going to be for both of you as he cooks. When he serves you have him do it like a waiter. Except this time You can touch this waiter, squeeze his balls, or swat his ass, maybe even pinching his nipples. You can even have a conversation of a very sensual nature while he is waiting to hear Your order of how much of the different food types you want. Have him sing a romantic song as You eat dinner. Or You could have him sit next to you, across from the table from you, or even kneel on the floor with a pillow under his knees. Maybe put on some of your fav music, and have him dance like a go go girl while You eat Your dinner. After picking up Your dinner he can eat his in front of You as You have Your glass of wine at the end of dinner.