11 orgasms for her and a spiky cage for me

“Honey, let’s go up to the bedroom. I’m in the mood to stroke you.”

I smiled and followed my wife up to the bedroom. It had been a week since the last time my wife chained me to the bed and teasingly masturbated me. It had been over a month since the last time she stroked me to an orgasm. I hoped today’s session would have a happy ending.

My wife stood by the bed, watching me undress. I lay down on the bed. She leaned over, wrapped the leather restraints around my wrists, and locked them to the cargo tie on the headboard with a short length of chain and two padlocks. Walking to the foot of the bed, she wrapped the leather restraints around my ankles and locked them to the cargo tie on the footboard with a short length of chain and two padlocks.

She undressed. It wasn’t a striptease, or anything showy. Nope, she undressed like she was getting ready to take a shower. She knew that it was her casualness that aroused me. I could feel the tightness of the stainless steel cock cage, and I was anxious for her to take it off.

My cock cage is not good enough

My wife went over to the dresser. She opened her jewelry box and took out her gold chain necklace. Attached to the necklace was the key to my cock cage. When we were home, the necklace remained in the jewelry box. When we went out, when she went out with her friends, or when she went to her boyfriend’s house to spend the night, she wore the necklace.

She came over to the bed and unlocked the cock cage. My cock sprang to attention. I enjoy her ample breasts more than her ass, but her naked ass looked cute as she walked over to the vanity. She locked the necklace around her neck and came back over to the bed.

I was ready for her to straddle my thighs, put some baby oil on her right hand, and stroke me. At this point, I didn’t care whether or not she was going to stroke me to an orgasm. I loved the way her hand felt against my cock, her firm and slow strokes. I loved how calmly she would release my cock, taking her hand away, denying me yet again. Even though my body would tremble at being denied the chance to release yet again, I loved her. I loved her sexual teasing.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t notice my wife had something else in mind. I came back to reality when I felt the spikes of my Kali’s teeth cock ring against my cock. As she calmly closed the ring and locked it, I knew that today would not be an orgasm day. Nor would it be a stroking day.

My wife looked at me, grinned, and positioned herself over my face, facing the headboard. I could smell her scent, and I knew that soon, I’d taste her. But until she gave me permission, I would do nothing. Licking, or ever kissing her pussy without her permission would bring certain punishment.

Now comes the challenge

“Sweetie, I should warn you. Yesterday, while you were at work, I spent the entire day in bed with my Hitachi. You’re going to have to work really hard to get me off. Speaking of getting me off, I want 3 oral orgasms from you before I unlock you.”

I quietly sighed. I knew I was going to be licking and sucking for a while. She probably came at least 5 or 6 times yesterday with her Hitachi magic wand. Now I knew why all we did was cuddle last night. My darling wife wanted to surprise me.

I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my nose and mouth. Still, I dared not do anything until the permission came. It was totally up to her when she wanted me to start. The spikes were already digging into my cock. Once I could start, I could lose myself a little into the licking and sucking. But now, just laying on the bed, her pussy in my face, all I could do was think about how sadistic my sweetie was being. How much she prepared for this time.

She waited until near the time I could expect her to stroke me to an orgasm. She waited until around the time she would stroke me. That’s why I didn’t suspect anything earlier when we were downstairs. She waited until a Saturday when she would have the opportunity to exhaust herself the day before, and the time to torment me for as long as she wanted.

“Honey, I know you’re wondering when I’ll give you permission to start. I had 8 orgasms yesterday with my Hitachi. I know that the longer I make you wait, the more time you have to think about how cruel and sadistic I am. The more you think about my sadistic nature, the deeper the spikes in your cock ring dig. Frankly, I’m in no hurry.”

And with that out of the way, she lit a cigarette. I knew it would be at least until she finished the cigarette before she would allow me to start. Watching her casually smoke with my cock cage key dangling between her breasts while she rested on my mouth and chin didn’t help with the spikes. Which she knew.

After she put the cigarette out, she looked down at me and grinned. I had no idea how long the spikes had been digging in to my cock. I knew I hadn’t even started yet.

Finally, mercifully, I heard my wife say, “You may start.”

Orgasm #1

I licked the pussy juice from her opening. I knew I’d have to spend some time licking around her labia before I could suck on her clit. Especially after her marathon vibrator session yesterday. I licked for a long time before I felt I could safely suck on her clit.

When I saw the swelling in her clit, I felt it was safe to lightly suck on it, I heard her sigh. Good. I’d warmed her up enough. I alternated sucking and biting her clit, and she responded. I figured I could be a little rougher with her clit, because of yesterday. I went back to licking her opening, and I could feel her body trembling on my face.

I kept licking, sucking, and nibbling for what seemed like a long time. Every so often, my wife would lift her pussy off my face for a couple of minutes at a time. She needed to unlock her knees, and I appreciated the break. Even in this position, with my neck comfortably supported, my mouth would get tired and I could feel the soreness in my jaw.

I kept up the licking, sucking, and nibbling. Even though I was eating my wife’s pussy, concentrating on the mechanics help keep my mind off of her pleasure, and eased the poking of the cock ring spikes. Her sighing and moaning kept bringing me back to the reality of what I was doing, and my cock would respond. I know that my moans of pain made her squirt that much more.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm in my wife. I kept sucking and nibbling on her clit until I finally felt the convulsions that meant she had an orgasm,

#2 and #3

She lifted her pussy off my face for a few minutes. I was quietly thankful that I got an opportunity to rest. I was a bit resentful that she was making me wait before I could resume my eating. I knew that the longer she rested, the longer it would take me to bring her to another orgasm.

I won’t bore you with a detailed description of what happened next. I brought her to a second orgasm, and much later, to a third. After the third orgasm, she commanded, “Stop.”

She remained on my face. I wasn’t sure whether she was too tired to lift herself up, or whether she just wanted to torment me for a while longer with her scent and juices. Again, I couldn’t lick or even kiss her vagina area, unless I wanted to be punished. Which I didn’t.

After a while, my wife got up, got off the bed, and went to take a shower. I could finally see the clock on the opposite wall of the bedroom. It’d been just over 4 hours since we started. I knew that my arm and leg muscles were going to need a massage after she unlocked me from the bed.

My wife came back from the bathroom. She sat down on the bed next to me and lit a cigarette. She stroked my cock lightly with her fingertip.

“Thanks, darling. I wasn’t sure that I could cum 3 times after yesterday, but you did it. I’m proud of you.”

I looked at her, and I could see how happy she looked. She’d had 11 orgasms in a little more than a day, and it’d been a week since my cock was stroked for pleasure, never mind an orgasm. Some people would think that much of a discrepancy was mean and cruel. Yep, it probably would be for most people. But it was exactly what I wanted from my sexual tease, my wife.

Denial is the way for me

After she put out her cigarette, she lay down next to me. She kissed me and then contently drew circles on my chest while snuggling next to me. I knew that eventually, she would get up, get dressed, unlock the Kali’s teeth cock ring, put my regular cock cage back on, unlock me from the bed, and help me massage my arms and legs. After I got dressed, we would go about the rest of our day.

But for now, she was mewing and content. I was happy to see her so happy

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