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So keyholder and chastity captions are a big hit 🙂 steel belt, plastic belt, with a mistress or just on ones own.

young keyholder caption
Every week, I unlock you for one hour, and you can watch me masturbate. If you don’t cum, I’ll do it again the week after, and I could start taking care of you… Every week you don’t come, I’ll go a step further with you the next week… But if you cum, we’ll start over from the beginning


hot chastity mistress
We’d known each other for years, how crazy is it we finally hook up by swiping right on some app. I’d always thought you were cute, and I found your profile… interesting. But I’d never thought you were interested in me romantically… Oh, all this time? But you thought I was out of your league. That’s really sweet. But when you say “you’ve imagined this night many times before”. Does that mean you’ve been masturbating, thinking about me all these years? Be honest… Really, how many times? A dozen? Oh. Over a hundred, wow! … Me? Maybe once or twice while thinking of you, years back. But it sounds like you owe me at least a hundred… A hundred orgasms of course. Your profile listed chastity under kinks, so I’m sure you have a cage around here somewhere, don’t you? Put it on and give me the key. I’ll let you pay back a few of the orgasms you owe me tonight. Once you’ve paid off your debt, then I’ll think about letting you out to have the night you’d imagined. Though I expect that tonight has already gone better than you’d ever imagined. hasn’t it?


Her favorite part of your denial
My favorite part of chastity is when I know I’m going to unlock you, but you don’t. That look of weeks-long blue balls is just so much sweeter when you have no idea you’re only a few hours away from the time of your life. I love the way you stare at my body as you’ve never seen anything like it before, the way you touch it as if you think you’ll never get to touch it again. When you lick my pussy and ass, it’s like you’ve forgotten you even had a cock to fuck them with. But I haven’t forgotten. I’m just as desperate to fuck as you are. The only thing keeping you unlock any longer is how much I enjoy the look of frustration on your face. I always want to enjoy it for a few more minutes before I release you. It’s great to look… almost… good enough for me to change my mind and keep you locked for another day… After all, your orgasms will still be there tomorrow, but it will be weeks before I can get you as frustrated as this again


big cleavage babe celebrating her birthday
You only get to cum once a year on your birthday. And once a year on my birthday you get a new smaller chastity tube.


Measuring his cock size
Sorry hubby, You knew what was at stake when we made our little bet. If you were over 6″ then you would get a free pass to fuck whoever you wanted. But if you weren’t, you agreed to let me lock you in chastity and to find a bigger dick to satisfy me. Awww look how close you got! But it’s just not quite bug enough. Go get a bowl of ice. We need to cool you off so you can fit in your cage.


naughty nurse uniform with transparent bra
Oh did the doctor not explain to you? Well its all well and good that you signed up the clinical trials for this new XF-368 drug, but they can’t just let you go home and promise to take the drug for the next month and fill in a survey. No, they hired us, girls, to make sure the drug is truly effective, so you will be coming here every morning at 8 am and I will strap you down to this examination cross with your limbs spread wide. I will then administer your dose for you and wait for it to kick in. Once your cock is as hard as it can get, my job is to do everything I can to break through XF-368’s block and make you cum. The doctors promise that a cock will not go soft nor will it be able to ejaculate whilst under the effect of XF-368, and although we are paid very well, we get a $10,000 bonus for each orgasm you have, so believe me I will try my hardest! A lot of my clients in my normal job call me The Jockey because of the way I can ride cocks right to the finish line, they say mu tight pussy was made for milking cocks! It won’t all be fucking though, sometimes I will need a rest, but don’t worry I am very good with my hands and mouth too! And there we have it. After 8 hours and XF begins to wear off, I am to lock you into a chastity cage and send you on your way until tomorrow. We will repeat this every day for the next month, at which time you can fill in the survey about the effect of XF-368 for the doctors. Are you as excited as I am?


Two girls with strapons and a little fancy lingerie
What do you mean where’s the key to your chastity cage? I told you I was going to have Dakota wear a strap-on for our three-some, so I could see if a spit-roast was as hot as you said it’d be You didn’t think I was going to be the one in the middle, did you?


gothic girl with a huge starpon in the toilets
You can orgasm as often as you want. But it will always be on your hands and knees, ass in the air… Getting absolutely pounded