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And the fun continues…

denial cpation - babe with a fancy bra
Tell me, sweetheart, what are you most enjoying about your fantasy right now? Is it that I actually kept you from coming for an entire month? You didn’t think I would do it, did you? Or is it that you realize that we BOTH know you want me to keep going? Yeahhh. that’s what I thought. Mmm hmmm, I’m going to give you what you desire the most baby.


chastity and anal caption - dark goth lady
Is today your orgasm day slave? Good. I’ve been meaning to try something. Go get my strapon and wait for me in the bedroom with your hands locked behind your back. I want to see if you can have your orgasms without even taking off the cage. If I can fuck you to an orgasm tonight I might never let you out of that cage again. You might not like it as much but it sounds like a lot of fun to me. That would really make you my bitch


chastity and denial caption - clevage with yellow dots dress
So this is it? This is the only key? Yeah. Wow, what an incredible feeling, and you just want me to hold on to it? And you can’t have an orgasm without it? Yeah, pretty much. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without an orgasm before? umm, maybe 4 days? Haha, that number is going to change. God, I own you now.


chastity cpation - half naked redhead outside
So you’re still sure you want to do this? Give me complete control? It’s going to change the way this relationship works and I’m not going to give in the moment you change your mind. I’ll keep going as long as I want to. You’re still in? I’m going to humiliate you. Make you do things you would never agree to before. You know how cruel I can be when I get into it. Alright, then close the lock and hand me the key. Now go fetch my whip. I think I’m going to have to break you.


locked caption - blond from down below point of view
It’s not supposed to always be fun for you hun, That’s why you’re locked up.


chastity caption - she is sitting in a dark corset
Ah, you don’t like to be in chastity anymore? That’s ok. Your opinion is unimportant. You know it is not a game by now.


chastity caption - your dominatrix in red
The only time your chastity tube will be unlocked is when you are tied up, and you will be locked back up again without being able to cum


chastity caption - naked in high heels
Ok, now that your chastity belt is on and locked tightly and I have the only key… Let’s have sex for the first time with you locked up


denial caption - see through blouse on a redhead
Shhhhhhh. Don’t be silly, of course, I’m not going to let you cum.


femdom caption - breasts with nice neckless
This chastity thing has got me thinking. Women really are higher beings than men. I could never give this level of control up. But for you, it makes you happy and makes you a far better boyfriend. I’m certainly happier making all of the decisions. I think if we are going to stay together and get married someday, we’ll have to take this to a different level. Truly make my superiority a part of our day to day lives. I know you agree.


locked caption - sexy in leopard sheer underwear
Unlock you chastity device? Why? Hmmm, well, I think I see your point, but… how can I put this? You being locked in your chastity device makes you constantly horny and keen to please me. You being locked in your chastity device makes ME constantly horny because it turns me on to keep you cruelly denied. So basically, keeping you locked is win/win… right?


denial captions - half naked smiling redgead
You are soooo cute when you are frustrated!!! I’m going to keep you locked up forever.