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And the fun continues…

chastity caption - girl in pink clevage
She says since you’d rather be in chastity than inside her she will not make easy on you


chastity caption - blond on the beach
I have complete control over his entire life. Monitoring software in his computer, cameras all over his apartment, a cell phone that tracks his every move. He drinks what I say, eat’s what I say, and even suck dick when I say. He has been locked in chastity for 5 months now, and I cane his ass at least once a day. He actually shakes like a nervous little girl when I enter the room, now THAT is power, that is control. As it should be


denial captions - half naked stare to the camera
Okay: now that you’re good and locked, here are the ground rules: 1) Once each week, I will unlock you and rub you just enough until your cum starts flowing. 2) Your cum will be collected in a cup and you will drink it, making sure you always have cum in you. 3) You’ll be locked up with no real orgasm. This way, you’ll stay full of sexual tension and dull of cum-the perfect qualities for a good boyfriend


lon chastity caption - girl standing by the wall
To all those chastity belt boys who think they have it rough, picture this: I locked up my first boyfriend in chastity when he was still a virgin. When we broke up I gave the key to his next girlfriend. That was ten years ago, and the last I heard, every woman he’s dated has continued the tradition and he’s still a virgin


denial cpations - hot babe in red
Well, now that I have you tied to my bed whatever will I do with you? I know… I’ll tease you all day long, bringing you to the edge of orgasm countless timed. Then I’ll lock you into a chastity belt without letting you cum. Don’t worry baby, I’ll let you out of your new belt lots of time. Of course I will have to tie you to this bed first to make sure you never cum.


losers captions - hot young women from the back
I wish there were some way to force every guy who checks out my sexy pictures online to be put in a chastity belt first. You losers don’t deserve to stroke your little dicks or even get hard-ons while looking at a hot goddess like me. I want you sitting there all frustrated and aching for me forever.


denial chastity - naked in the kitchden
Well? What are you waiting for? I said one full month. Now close the lock. I said you were going to learn how to obey me and I meant it. This is going to be thirty days you will never forget.


prison caption - celler with locks
Surprise, honey! I had the basement storeroom remodeled into your new bedroom. Now you won’t have to worry about bothering me with you snoring since you’ll be sleeping here from now on. Don’t look so bad. Okay, it’s a little bare now, but if you do well with your housework you’ll be able to earn some privileges like a blanket and a pillow. Now strip down and let’s get you locked up for the night. There’s a little wireless camera on the ceiling and I’ve been looking forward to hopping into bed and jilling off while watching my slave boy on TV.


denial caption - lying on the bed touching herself
Oh. I get it… You want me, that much is more than obvious. The thing is, I don’t want money, I’m not a whore. I want something much more ‘valuable’/ Well, if you are serious… You can fuck me, any way you want, but first, you have to spend a month locked up for me. Yes, I am serious. And every time you want to fuck me the lock-up time doubles. The good news is I’ll let you eat my pussy often as you want to…


chastity captions - standing in sexy underwear
You think it hurts to be in chastity now? Wait until I buy you the one with the spikes.


denial chastity - standing sexy in the laundry room
I’ll show, once how I like my clothes washed. After that, I expect that I’ll be able to forget we even have a laundry room. If I can’t you can absolutely expect to forget what an orgasm ever felt like.


chastity caption - very hot look by a black hair hottie
Every day I’ll release you from chastity and tease you right to the edge. Denying you a release. After two weeks both of us will find out how desperate you are to cum. Let your mind wander on all the degrading things I could make you do