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Some may think the abstinence is a virtue but we just think it is one of the best mind fucks and absolutely looks amazing. Having our beloved ladies taking part and even heading us forward just double the fun. There is something that we can’t even explain in these little quotes that strip all our innocence and let us dive into the locked state of mind. You can call it :

The complete list of Hot/Sexy things your key holder have said or texted

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Have fun.

tease and denial caption - sexy in dark red fetish clothes
I have a fun game we can play to determine your next chastity sentence. I’ve chosen time between two days and two months…


cuckold and chastity caption - ass expoded from a dress
I’ll be back late, I think he plans on going back to his place after drinks… Shh, remember YOU wanted me to help explore your chastity fetish and keep you locked. It’s not my fault I still have needs your tongue just can’t satisfy… Now kiss my ass and zip-up my dress… good cuckold


purple strapon and metal cock cage
We have a certain kind of symmetry in our love life: He never gets to penetrate me – because his cock is all locked up. But he gets to lick my ass. I never get to lick his cock – because it’s all locked up. But I get to penetrate his ass


cage and denial caption - sweet girl with a new tatoo
Let me make this simple for you. You’re wearing the cage, I’m holding the key so I decide which of us get to orgasm. And for the foreseeable future, that’s not going to be you.


chastity cage caption - ass from behind
Rub your chastity belt against my ass and beg me to keep you locked up longer. Do a good job; convince me. If I think you’re holding back or don’t mean it, I’ll keep you locked up even longer. Who knows, maybe you’ll convince me that you secretly love being locked up for a very long period of time.


tease and denial caption - mistress is sitting on the bed
Look at you, 3 days in the cage. So eager to get in my bed. So excited for your first tease session. Lots of edges coming for you. Then right back in the tight cage. Where you belong. I wonder how long it will take you to fear these sessions?


losers caption - ass from behind
From now on licking my ass is the only way you can earn the slightest release


long tease caption - sexy in langerie
You know… Our chastity rules are really simple. I unlock you once a month, you only get to jerk off and when you cum, you eat every drop. If you do cum eating for 5 months, then on the 6th month you are free to have any kind of sex you want. I’ll let you fuck me, give you a blowjob, I’ll swallow your cum, anything you want. You just need to keep eating your cum. I’m sure the 5 months wait will be worth it. Now show me your locked cock.


femdom cpation - tough babe in black
Good bitch, stay on your knees while I explain. Now that I have your keys, I own you. You probably don’t understand yet. You’re going to get so desperate you’ll do anything. I’m going to strip down all your ego and turn you into a puppet. I’ll be pulling your strings. Making you jump through hoops. you didn’t just give me your keys. You gave me every part of you. Even the non-physical parts. I Intend to use every single one of them. I can’t wait till you’re properly broken


sisssy dare caption - half naked girl
Those lockable high heels fit you perfectly, sissy. You know where I put your keys? At the end of the driveway! you have three options: You can run out and get them now risking being seen, wait till nightfall and get them hoping no cars drive by and see you or shave, wear the dress I got you and let me do your makeup so if anybody sees you they’ll think you’re me and not think twice. What’ll it be?


redhead showing her boobs
I’ve come a long way since we started locking you in chastity and allowing me to control your orgasms, haven’t I? I decided that you will not be cumming any time soon, and your next release date is now pushed back indefinitely. You just don’t last when we have sex and I like you wearing the strap-on to fuck me for hours. Don’t expect to cum in the next few months, this will go on beyond your birthday, Christmas, the New Year, and maybe even Valentine’s Day. You keep telling me that your new chastity cage is perfectly comfortable whenever I ask, so don’t complain.


chastity and denial caption - blond with a blue corset
I can’t tell you how much I like this new arrangement honey. It seems like we were losing touch with the tender side of our love-making. I love all the kisses and petting we do now; just like when we were dating. I’m surprised that I really don’t miss penetrative sex at all. You’ve learned so much what I like since you’ve been locked in that cock cage. Did you ever imagine how sexy things could get between us without you orgasming? Let’s face it, love, we’ve never been closer or more intimate. I’m so glad you pleaded to let me decide when you get to cum. Why? Well because the longer you go without the better things get. Don’t you agree? Before you answer remember your other promise darling; you know the one about me deciding about punishments I can give you when you displease me? So you were saying ? Win-win, right?

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