This is one of the better verbal videos out there. Really brings out the dominated cuckold angst. I think what happens after the bull ejaculates makes the cuckold video. Bull ejaculates bareback and then talks about another couple he plays with how there were some jealousy issues and whatnot.

Then he asks the cuckold if he enjoyed his participation and he answers “no” and Bull asks why and cuck says, because I do not enjoy sucking your cock. Then they make it clear that he would not have been able to watch them fuck if he had not sucked the bulls cock. Then they talk about another session where he had to sit in a corner for 3 hours watching her fuck, how he is “not allowed to have sex like a man anymore” and that she has some system of marking his penis with a magic marker to detect if he had masturbated or not, and she would punish him if he had. Completely dominated pantied cuck. Clearly this is before the days of male chastity technology.

Very hot one!