Baseball Bat Versus Balls


For me being ballbusted is all about being humiliated and degraded by women. It’s always CFNM style and is best when the Lady lectures me about the inadequacy of my penis and my lack of masculine musculature while she repeatedly hits my balls until I cannot take any more.
Humiliation has its place but the more emotionally safe I feel the easier it is to get really deep into the experience, so I usually prefer emotionally supportive, validating, loving sadism. Humiliation stuff has the potential to pull me out of that headspace. But it depends what exactly we’re doing, we can have scenes focused around it if she’s into it. Being laughed at while reacting in humiliating ways to what she’s doing to me is fun, but I want to be an object of pleasure and enjoyment for her, so if she’s enjoying watching me suffer that’s great but the austere and judgmental attitude that sometimes goes with humiliation isn’t super enjoyable for me.
I actually have very sensitive balls so I’m not into pain for the sake of pain like some others. I’m moreso on the humiliation side of it. Being taunted / laughed at about my outfit and perhaps anatoomy while cradling a sore pair of balls in my hands after taking a kick or a knee. It’s more of a roleplay type of thing. Being vulnerable in a revealing skin tight outfit that offers no protection, while the other person, literally and figuratively, has me by the balls and is fixated on punishing them.