All your questions about female chastity belt play

When dealing with blocking access to the pleasure genitals men devices are much easier. Lots of different styles and makers whereas for women there is much less variety and they all tend to look quite uncomfortable, surely for long-term wear.

You might be into the comfortable leather belt version or maybe into the long-term steel structures both have their pros and cons. Just before getting into the details let agree on something around chastity play for women :

  • It looks AMAZING.
  • Mind fuck like no other play.

Do you agree?

Now let’s get to the frequently asked questions :

Various devices at the Stockroom
Various devices at the Stockroom

What’s in it for you?

You are going to be locked into a device made of tempered steel, specifically designed to deny access to your lady parts: forbidding any penetration or touch, not allowing for any stimulation – not even for pleasure. You are going to allow your master to locked you into this chastity belt, knowing that you will be surrendering all control to your Master. Only he/She would have the keys. Only he/She would decide when and if you would be released or allowed to cum.

How do I start?

In one word? Slow. Fantasy is great and strict masters are amazing on coming up with new and improved ideas but it is one thing to see it in pictures and another thing to be harnessed for long hours while trying to maintain the normal life.

Any tips?

Start for one hour, make all the adjustments and try some common activities. You will be surprised here. Take a break for at least an hour, check your body for irritation. Take the time to make some more adjusting and then spend some more time in the belt. Don’t try to go cold turkey, it will never work If you get sore and must take off the belt to heal the wounds, you have to start from the beginning! If it possible you can some time wear only the waist/hip part of the device to make your body more used with the metal.

Which type of belt would you recommend?

It’s not that you will get confused with dozens of styles but it is still a challenge to understand exactly what is the best for you. Some women like the hip style and other prefer the waist one. Hip belts are easier to hide under low cut clothes, but you must have some fat in order not to push the belt against your hip bones. Waist devices are easier to accept as it like a belt around your waist and they don´t restrict the movement if you are active. If you are into it just for the play you surely want to consider the leather ones.

Is it comfortable to wear it?

Give your body time to adjust

Don’t start with a week. Also, pay attention to your body and don’t allow sores to develop. A responsible Master takes care of all his toys – and his slave’s well-being should be his top priority. Long term chastity can be achieved – but patience is a virtue.

Find clothing that works with the chastity belt

Think about your goals. Do you need to keep the belt hidden? Wear comfortable stretch jeans and a top that is fitted, but not too tight. The chastity belt feels very nice under my clothing because everything fits properly and you don’t have to worry about tell-tale lines showing to others.

Consider the demands in your life

Do you have a sedentary job or is it physically demanding? When you are constantly moving, the belt is more likely to cause red spots that can get raw. You can’t sit in a hard chair all day because it pushes the belt into the ribs, and you can sometimes get you skin pinched between the belt and the chair – ouch! Make sure your primary chair is cushioned, so it’s okay, and bring a cushion with you when I go to the library or other place with hard wooden chairs.

Take care of your skin

Creams that help with diaper rash are good for you as it protects the skin against wetness – and it’s easy for moisture to develop on the skin that is covered by the belt. You should also use powder to give the skin relief from any sticking or rubbing caused by the belt. A corset-liner is also a nice way to give a fabric barrier between your skin and the belt. A corset liner is like a tube-top made of rib-knit that fits around one’s waist.

Spoil yourself

Handling the device is tough, make sure you don’t forget yourself and have some fun


Where do I buy one?

Stockroom has a decent set of belts in prices that are reasonable:

Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt  - $92
Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt $92


If funds are not an issue you might want to check one of those :

Fancy Steel

Access Denied

My Steel





What it is like to wear the chastity belt every day?

It is wonderful to wear every day. Enjoying the secure feeling of being locked in steel, being controlled by upi Master. Knowing that you are in bondage all day long – yet no one else has to know (unless you tell them).

It is challenging to wear every day. Normal habits take much longer: showering, drying off, getting dressed, going to the bathroom. You have to take extra thought and caution whenever you sit down or stand up. It’s harder to get in and out of the car – you have to be very deliberate. It’s harder to bend over and pick things up – especially when sitting.

It is challenging to live with the extra distraction of the chastity belt. It is always on your mind. It often makes you feel more aroused – and it increases your desire for the very thing it is designed to prevent.

Still, in your perverted mind, even the challenging parts are a turn-on. You thrive on the challenge and the discipline. In some ways, it energizing. It definitely intensifies the excitement in the relationship with you Master

Yet, I live every day wanting to know when I will be let out – while still yearning to never be released. So now you know why I find it difficult to explain.


Don’t ever forget hygiene

Flushable wipes

Carry them with you all the time

In the shower

Make sure you have a removable shower-head with a hose attachment. It’s important to be able to direct the spray into all those nooks and crannies.

Daily showers

Have an “exfoliating glove” that you can run a finger around the waist-belt and crotch piece. If possible jump in the shower for a hose-down after a bowel movement.

Rear chains or cable?

Most models have a cable that passes through the center of your butt cheeks. The chastity belt is inconspicuous under your clothing. It can be a bit messy when having a BM, but work out a good system.

1. Only have a BM at home.

2. Afterward, get in the shower and hose down with the hand-held sprayer.

3. Carry lots of flushable wipes. These wipes work well to keep you clean.

Feminine deodorant spray

Helps control any stray odors.

Period time

Some women choose not to wear their belt this time. Some open the belt and use tampons or menstrual cup. You can also have pads outside the belt, but if you use your chastity on 24/7 bases you have to clean more carefully and best to take it off in the morning and before you go to sleep, for a shower.


Can you crack the system?

Can you get your fingers enough under the belt to finger your clitoris? When talking about the high-end steel belts the answer will be usually no. When in the shower, the soap allows you to reach in for cleaning. But you won’t be able to give yourself any pleasurable stimulation. Sometimes, when your weight fluctuates on the lower end, you will be able to reach inside – but, again, cannot accomplish anything arousing. The pressure of the crotch piece against your pussy seems to inhibit sensation.


General tips

Can you do sport while in a chastity belt?

No. You will most likely need to be excused.

proper measuring

Some vendors have a measuring kit that is very helpful. You can’t take one set of measurements, because, as you know, a woman’s weight fluctuates on a daily and monthly basis. You need to get an average of measurements taken in the morning and evening, measuring weekly over the course of a month. If you can get a good average to keep in mind that the chastity belt is effective within plus or minus 5-10 pounds:

1. Don’t do it on your own, ask for someone else to help you taking the measurements
2. The measurements should be taken on an empty stomach.
3. Measure on three different days:
– The last day of a period.
– Midpoint in the cycle.
– The first day after the period.
4. Take three measurements each day on which measurements are taken. Note them.


And a word to the novice begginer

Follow your master’s lead because that’s your job. Give it a shot but listen to your body and honestly communicate what’s happening. If it’s not your fetish and you don’t like it then speak up and don’t feel bad about it. Like everything else in BDSM it should be fun. When it stops being fun that’s when problems happen.

Masters needs to understand that 24/7 lifestyle is exceedingly rare (if it exists at all) and is difficult to do even if all parties interested are super into it. Chastity fetishes are rare and they cannot be forced.

Aim for 15 minutes to try it. Know everything about getting to that point. Know how the belt works and how to size it correctly and how the locks works. The rest will work itself out. Don’t ever be focused on time, and keep it fun.

Remember it’s just a sex toy. Start off by using it like one. Use it during playtime and don’t put all the focus on it from the get-go. The hardest part is finding a girl that will wear one.