A guide to better understand your slave

So we have all seen tons of BDSM checklist and I admit that with my partner we did use some of those in the past. But the most valuable thing in going over a list of fetishes and kinks are the followup questions and the discussion that surely let you learn the ins and outs of your play partner.

The questionnaire below gives you an option to skip the technical part and poke your souls with some interesting ideas that will fuel your understanding of each other.

Take your time and go over it together, hopefully, you will find it beneficial


The beginning

Q: Define in your own words what being a slave means to you?

Q: Define a slave’s rights?

Q: When did you first realize you wanted to become a submissive/kept/owned slave?

Q: When did you first think you were true slave material?

Q: There are 3 answers required for the next question.

  1. How long have you been sexually active?
  2. Are you virgin?
  3. When, where, and to whom did you surrender your virginity to?


Approach to sex and BDSM

Q: How important is it for you to please your Master?

Q: What do you think you will find erotic about being a slave?

Q: What does a 24/7/365 Master/slave relationship mean to you?

Q: What has been your most enjoyable sexual experience?

Q: Are you willing to turn over total control of your life to the Master?

Q: What do you think will make you successful as a slave?

Q: How often will you expect to provide sexual pleasure to your Master?



Q: You have been ordered to perform a task you don’t like, what should you do?

Q: Your Master has placed you in bondage for an extended period, how does this make you feel.

Q: You are in a public place and your Master tells you to kneel at her/his feet, what should you do and how does that make you feel?

Q: Your Master has assigned you a task you are sure you can not finish, how does this make you feel and what should you do about it?

Q: Your Master has permitted you to continue working outside the home, and you have been offered a promotion, you will be required to relocate to accept it, what should you do?

Q: It is exceptionally early in the morning and your Master has awakened early and expects his/her breakfast, what should you do?

Q: You are being punished and your punishment involves physical pain, what are your options?

Q: Sensory deprivation will be part of your training, how do you feel about this, and what should you do?

Q: During your training, you will be required to work very hard, what are your options, and how do you feel about this?

Q: Have you ever been confined to inescapable bondage, for how long, and who confined you?

Q: You have been the Master’s property for some time now and he has permitted you to play the lottery, you have won a prize, what percentage of that prize should you give to your Master?

Q: You have been loaned to another Master, how will you treat this new Master, and how will you treat your original Master when you are returned to him?

Q: You are in a public place, and you notice your Masters shoes or boots are not clean and shined, what should you do?

Q: You are the junior slave in a multi-slave household, how does this make you feel and what should you do?

Q: Your master is a smoker and wants to include smoking in your play time. Will you agree to inhale her/his smoke? Be his/her ashtray?

Q: Your master likes watersports. Will you agree to drink his/her piss? Be pisson?n ?


Do have the core?

Q: In general, how often do you ejaculate?

Q: What would you say are your strongest points?

Q: What would you say are your weakest points?

Q: Are you able to effectively express your feelings, or do you generally keep them hidden inside?

Q: Do you have a temper?

Q: Is your body hairy or smooth, if your Master orders you to provide him with a smooth body, will you consider permanent hair removal or the use of a product like “Nair”?

Q: As a child, who was the dominant parent in your home?

Q: Do you enjoy any hobbies or interests, like sports or any other activities? Can those be beneficial to your master? To the relationship?

Q: Do you sometimes feel down or depressed?

Q: Are you a hard worker able to complete a task in a timely manner without complaint, even if you find it boring or mundane?



Q: What prior training if any do you have as a slave?

Q: Are you currently, or have you ever been a member of any leather, or bondage club?

Q: Do you know how to perform general household duties, tasks, and chores?

Q: You will be required to submit to a complete series of tests for S.T.D.s, including those for A.I.D.S. will you comply?

Q: If you are found acceptable, how long will it be before you can report to your Master to begin your service to him on a full-time basis.

Q: Are there any limits you would want placing on your slavery? none is not an acceptable answer

Q: Are you tattooed anywhere, how do you feel about tattoos, and will you be tattooed under your Master’s orders?

Q: Are you pierced anywhere, will you be pierced under your Master’s orders?

Q: Are you branded anywhere, will you be branded under your Master’s orders?


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