72 Sissy Maid Rules

Here is a compilation of the sissy made rules I have found all around

  1. A sissy maid must be a genetic male cross-dressed as a female.
  2. A sissy maid must never attempt to have anyone think it is a real Female, it should always make it clear in all circumstances that it is really a male who is humiliated and Feminized because it is not a manly male, but a truly Feminine and girly sissy.
  3. Sissy is not allowed to make decisions or have any opinions except to agree with her owner. The maid must be obedient. She must strive for perfect obedience in all that she does. It is not enough to just do as she told but she must do her duties to the best of her ability
  4. The submale must always practice traditional courtesy in which men have shown Women in polite society, whether in private or public. Stand when She enters the room. Sit (or kneel) as soon as She is seated.
  5. Be totally attentive: open doors, wait at the table so that She begins eating first, always ask permission to leave Her presence.
  6. submale must curtsey when called, when the owner enters the room, and upon returning from a chore
  7. A sissy maid must address a Superior in the way that the Superior instructs – typical honorifics include: Mistress, My Lady, Ma’am, Goddess, Your Highness, Madame, Sir, My Lord, M’Lord, etc.
  8. Voice Control: no speaking unless spoken to. No complaining or making statements about what sissy will or will not do or what sissy likes or does not like unless directly asked for this information by Mistress. Unless anticipating the needs of his Mistress.
  9. If a sissy maid is instructed to speak, it will always speak in the manner so instructed by a Superior; usually this means the sissy maid will adapt its voice into a high, lilting sissified and girlish tone, sometimes with an intentional lisp added for the amusement of Superiors.
  10. If Owner/Mistress has started a conversation with slave/maid while the maid is neither completing a chore nor in her corner, she is to kneel near but out of the way of Mistress’s movements. Unless the sissy is told otherwise, the sissy is to stand quietly in a designated corner upon returning from a chore. Or kneel near Mistress for further instructions.
  11. The submissive will never sit with legs spread or slouch in a way typical of untrained males. Good posture and decorum is a sign of respect.
  12. The submale will never stare at a Woman without Her permission. Unless the Woman seeks eye-contact, the submissive will keep his eyes lowered at all times.
  13. When walking with his Mistress, or any Woman, the submissive will keep his gait in step with hers, which usually means taking smaller steps. The submale should always be at least a step behind; but not too far, because he must open all doors.
  14. Respect is shown by a submissive as long as he never fails to forget his lowly role in life. The submissive must always be pleasant, never argue, and never pout. The sissy maid must always be respectful to her superior. She must never talk back, never use bad language, and greet her superior in the way her Superior wants
  15. The submale should be given a new name by his Mistress to symbolize his submissive state. If the submale is a sissy, it should be a feminine name. Other names may be “made up” words that sound humiliating or which are amusing or pleasing to the Mistress; for example, names typical of pet dogs or cats.
  16. A submale surrenders control to his Mistress. He surrenders control of his body, how he spends his time, how he dresses, what he eats, where he sleeps, the friends or acquaintances he is allowed to keep. In all aspects, the Mistress controls the submale.
  17. Because a submale’s purpose is to please his Mistress, more than anything else She owns, he must learn to control his response to sexual stimulation for the greater enjoyment of his Mistress. his orgasm is the only thing that the submale has left to control for himself. Failure to control his orgasm is disobedience. Disobedience requires punishment.
  18. A sissy maid may be spanked on their bare bottom at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all, except for the amusement of a Superior, with whatever implements the executing Superior selects.
  19. A sissy maid, who disobeys any rule, whether or not the sissy maid is even aware of the rule, will be punished.
  20. If the Mistress prefers simply to torment the submale and deny him release, then the submale must control himself to provide Her with pleasure. He must dedicate himself to abstinence and thank his Mistress humbly for removing the pleasure of ejaculation, thus allowing him to dedicate his lost pleasure to Her.
  21. If the Mistress demands satisfaction through sexual intercourse, the submale must be able to control effectively his own orgasm so that it is timed to the pleasure of his Mistress. His purpose is not to please himself but to please Her.
  22. In all cases, the submale must remember that his orgasm does not belong to him — his orgasm belongs to his Mistress. It is Hers to use, however she sees fit.
  23. The submale should be as clean-shaven as the Mistress requires: from the top of his head to his toes, body hair should be present only if the Mistress allows it. Sissy must keep shaved clean under his panties at all times.
  24. A sissy maid must stand at attention during inspection.
  25. The submale may wear long hair, styled to imitate the superior styles of Women, only if the Mistress permits.
  26. The submale may never touch his own genitals without the permission of his Mistress. When washing, he must use a washcloth or brush, never his hands.
  27. The submale will allow himself to be pierced or tattooed as required by his Mistress if safely and professionally done.
  28. The submale is the personal property of the Mistress. his possessions are Her possessions.
  29. The submissive should always be saving to purchase “big ticket” items that his Mistress wants to buy. This means the submale is always on a strict allowance, kept by his Mistress.
  30. A sissy maid will act in as Feminine a way as possible.
  31. Feminization is training in submission. Wearing items of Feminine attire separates the submissive from and puts him outside of the world of the macho male. Wearing feminine attire doesn’t make the male like a Woman; this is impossible.
  32. Sissy maids will learn to be perfect in every way through a daily regimented routine, incorporated with the necessary measurements of discipline and reprimand.
  33. Standard attire is pink or white panties, an extra-absorbent pad (normally used by those suffering from incontinence), and pantyhose worn under male clothing. Sissy must be in panties and a bra minimum. Unless commanded otherwise.
  34. A sissy maid will not hesitate to obey an order, no matter how difficult or humiliating.
  35. Whether a woman knows what the submissive is wearing or not, feminization pushes the submissive closer to the company of women and away from the company of men. This is good for the submale, because it creates greater opportunities for him to be of help to Women, to serve them, and to model his behavior on their own superior behavior.
  36. Feminine items can also be used as punishment — corsets, girdles, and foundations. These should be selected by the Mistress for maximum discomfort.
  37. The time, when Mistress has given no instructions, is to be spent making sissy as pretty and presentable as possible to Mistress. Studying massage. Studying makeup application. Nail polish application and decoration. Sissy may sit near Mistress’s feet on a low stool while studying.
  38. If the submale is a sissy or TV, very feminine clothing should be reserved for rewards; drudge clothing — plain white panties, plain lingerie, housecoats, aprons, etc. — should be required as normal attire.
  39. A sissy maid will be clean and smelling sweet, through the use of extremely Feminine scents, powders, and perfumes.
  40. The submale should never buy his own clothing without the guidance of his Mistress. He should buy what pleases her, not what he likes.
  41. If a sissy maid is instructed to purchase Female apparel, of any type, for itself, in a store, the sissy maid will inform the sales help that the Female apparel is for the sissy. If the store permits, the sissy maid will try on the Female apparel in the store and then wear the apparel out of the dressing room so that the sales help can ascertain if the fit is correct.
  42. The submissive will use only Feminine hygiene products: soaps, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, etc. and will be clean and properly groomed at all times.
  43. The submale will submit to enemas or self-administer enemas, on-demand by the Mistress.
  44. A sissy maid must ask permission to go to the lavatory, and it will always use the lady’s room when there is a separate men’s and ladies’ room, and the sissy maid will always ensure that it washes its hands and private parts. If a Superior is unavailable to permit a washroom visit, then the sissy maid must wait at attention outside the washroom before returning to its duties.
  45. When urinating, the submale will always sit on the toilet; no exceptions.
  46. For good health, the submissive will enroll in a dance aerobics class. As an alternative, the submale will prepare his own dance aerobics routine and perform it for his Mistress for Her amusement.
  47. The submale must diet as required to maintain a correct weight for his height and should drink at least six 12-ounce glasses of water each day.
  48. The submale must submit to eating only “submale food” selected by his Mistress whenever she requires it.
  49. Eating and drinking is to be done standing at the kitchen sink unless Mistress gives other instructions.
  50. When a meal is over the submale must be quick to clear the table and wash the dishes.
  51. The submale must always give his Mistress the first choice of everything — She picks the section of the paper to read first, the channel on TV to watch, the restaurant to go to, the movie to see, the friends to entertain, etc.
  52. All of a sissy maid’s reading will be of a Feminine nature – fashion magazines and romance novels and Playgirl are all that are permitted for a sissy maid.
  53. A sissy maid must be a good maid; it must know how to clean.
  54. Sissy is to NEVER watch the news or tv, and may only use the Internet to look at sissy stuff or to study massage or cleaning methods.
  55. The submissive must always keep his own quarters spotless, as directed by the Mistress. All furnishings and interior decoration will follow Her taste.
  56. The submale will perform all household chores for the Mistress, to include: Sissy Vacuuming, dusting, sorting things out as instructed, changing beds, mopping floors, cleaning windows, laundry, sorting Mistress’s lingerie (only if specifically instructed) tidying the playroom, sorting out kitchen cupboards and drawers. Cooking meals as instructed, and serving those meals to Mistress and pet. Making tea and coffee and serving those to Mistress and guests. Massaging guests as required. Body and foot massages for Mistress. Footstool for Mistress.
  57. The submale will be available for Mistress and guests to use in any way whatever at any time. (safeword applies)
  58. Sissy Maid is to never leave the house without permission.
  59. The submale should ideally be chaste. The control of her sexuality is in the hands of her Mistress. She should have learned to control her carnal thoughts and transfer her sexual energy into serving her Mistress. She should never touch her ‘little clitty’ without permission, ogle her Mistress or any other woman or look at any images that may cause sexual arousal.
  60. A Superior can place a sissy maid in chastity for as long as the Superior wishes. The sissy maid has no say in this matter.
  61. Everyone except another sissy maid is Superior to a sissy maid.
  62. A sissy maid who unnecessarily or inappropriately touches or makes physical contact with anyone, including another sissy maid, without being instructed to do so, will be summarily punished.
  63. If a sissy maid exhibits any male tendencies, postures, stances, or attitudes, it will be punished.
  64. A sissy maid may be asked to describe its feminine thoughts and experiences.
  65. A sissy maid, especially a sissy maid that considers itself ‘straight’ must endeavor to at some point accept its sissy nature and learn to suck cock and be fucked in its sissy ass by real men.
  66. When a Superior instructs a sissy maid to perform oral sex on anyone, the sissy maid will immediately comply and will not stop until dismissed.
  67. A sissy maid will be trained to accept larger and larger butt plugs and dildos in its ass.
  68. If a sissy maid is ever permitted to masturbate, it will be under the following conditions: the sissy maid will be dressed in appropriate sissy attire, the sissy maid will have clamps on its nipples, the sissy maid will be sucking on a lifelike dildo, the sissy maid will have another life-like dildo in its ass, the sissy maid will be bouncing on the dildo or a Superior will be pushing the dildo in and out of the sissy maids ass, – and the sissy will continually lick up the pre-cum it creates as it jerks off.
  69. A sissy maid will regularly practice sucking on life-like dildos so that when the time comes for the sissy to suck on a real cock it will be able to perform a perfect blow job.
  70. A sissy maid will learn to give ‘deep throat’ blow-jobs.
  71. Any Superior can add any rules it likes to these rules, and the sissy maid will obey each of these existing rules and new rules, whether or not the sissy is even aware of the old or new rules, or the sissy will be punished.
  72. Sissy Clits
    1. Sissy clits are NOT cocks, or dicks, or anything of the sort.
    2. Sissy clits are NEVER to be used for penetrative sex.
    3. Sissy clits are to be kept soft, smooth, and pantied in pink satin and bows.
    4. Sissy clits are NOT to be touched for the purpose of stimulation.
    5. Sissy clits are only good for tinkling when sitting, squatting or diapered.
    6. Sissy clits that get hard are shameful and must be punished decisively.
    7. Sissy clits are the proper object of hilarity, mockery, and laughter.
    8. Sissy clits belong to Masters or Mistresses for proper safekeeping.
    9. Sissy clits are caged for their protection and as a sign of possession.
    10. Sissy clits are rarely milked, and only then by prostate stimulation.