28 more masturbation methods for women

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Funny how natural things such as this are so highly tabooed in our society isn’t it? Apparently anything that feels good must be bad, according to some people. Anyway, my name is Rachel and I’m 19 years old. I’ve been masturbating since I was 16. I was always “aware” of my genitalia but I never really knew what it was for (I didn’t even know what the vaginal canal was or that I had one until I accidentally discovered it after my first period)

I remember just laying there on my bed and spreading my legs apart and rubbing myself. I had never heard of orgasm and when I had my first one, I wasn’t sure what had happened. I just knew it felt so good and there was no way I wanted to stop. My sister has always been a masturbator too, she’s two years older than I am, and we’ve accidentally walked in on each other before, in fact, we have masturbated together in the same room, never touching each other, but it’s like a bonding experience and I’m sure that we aren’t the only sibs that do or have done it.

My best friend of over ten years confided in me a few years ago that she masturbates too, and I have had a few experiences with her, and we’ve gotten each other off. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, or even remotely bisexual, but there’s just something about another aroused person in the room (other than a sibling) that really makes you go wild I think. We eat each other out occasionally and finger, but what I most like to do is watch her rub her clit while I rub mine. We are very close friends, and I expect us to remain that way.

Debbie – Age 32

Hello. I absolutely adore your site, and I would like to share my story. I guess you could say I am lucky: I found my clitoris when I was sixteen years old. My parent’s bathtub had a detachable showerhead, one with a setting that pulsed a stream of water. One night, when I was rinsing my lower half, I felt a tingle when I held the stream on what I would later find out is my clitoris. It began to feel good, so I kept it there. I shortly felt a heat in my toes that began to sweep up my legs to my head.

As a perfect complement to a wonderful sex life with my husband, I make time to masturbate almost daily. I still use the shower method, but sometimes I need to feel my body (I love how my clit and lips feel to the touch), the softness, and the warmth. I’ll start a fantasy, slowly tease my nipples, then pulling my outer lips. I use two fingers on my right hand (index and middle) to circle my clit while penetrating my vagina with two on the left. When I feel the orgasm coming, I’ll add a third finger. I still get the heatwave, only now with explosions deep inside. Thank God for multiple blended orgasms!

My mother was also very open with me about sexuality and the female body. We began having “talks” when I was ten. She showed me her body, where everything was (using the real words), what it was for, that masturbation was totally normal and healthy. As I began developing around 11, it was such a relief to know what was happening was normal and what to expect. Reading the other stories, I realize how lucky I was. I plan on teaching my own daughter the same way.

Thank you for letting me share, and everyone out there keeps masturbating!


I can’t remember how old I was when I discovered masturbating. I can remember when I was 19 and my boyfriend left for the Marines. I was lying in bed one night thinking about him and I got this warm feeling in my pussy that was unbelievable! It starting throbbing. My room door was closed. I sat up in bed, spread my legs apart and started rubbing my clit. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt! I rubbed it for at least 30 minutes. I felt the sensation to cum, but I would stop rubbing so the feeling could last longer. Finally, I came and it was out of this world. I masturbate quite frequently. My favorite position is to lay flat on my back with my legs spread wide apart and knees up. I rub my nipples with my left hand (sometimes I lick them), and I rub my pussy with my right. I like to tease myself at first. When my pussy is nice and wet, I take my first 2 fingers and rub my clit. I like to fantasize about a guy I like when I do it. I fantasize about him standing over me and I’m giving him a blow job while I rub my clit. My orgasms are super-intense when I do that. I am a married woman, but I LOVE to masturbate. It makes me feel very sexy and erotic. I’ve done it in the shower, but lying flat on my back is my favorite. Just typing this is making me think about it and I’m a bit wet now. Time for some self-enjoyment!


I started masturbating when I was 17. At that age, penetration felt the best to me so I used to find ways to satisfy that craving. Most of the time when I masturbated, I would be in the shower or locked in the bathroom. I loved using the detachable showerhead to get myself worked up. I also found certain objects that I could insert inside my pussy and use to mimic the thrusting of a penis since I was still a virgin at the time. I would always get very excited and breathless using these techniques, but I never had a true orgasm this way. Unfortunately, I never paid much attention to my clit when I was that age and all through my teenage years because it always felt way too sensitive to manipulate with my fingers or anything else.

When I was a teenager, I had my first “wet dream”, which is what I would find to be several years later, a “true” orgasm – only in my sleep! I never seemed to be able to put two and two together or have enough patience when I masturbated, as I got older, to accomplish a real orgasm. What I felt was what I perceived to be an “orgasm” at the time. I still had the “wet dreams” from time to time, but it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I finally figured out on my own, that there must be something else to my masturbation – that these spasms originating from my pussy that I had in my dreams and awoke to, were the most fantastic sensations I ever had. At age 27, I finally got determined enough to find the patience and technique that made me have one of those fantastic orgasms through masturbation. I feel silly saying this now, but it was like a very big eye-opener for me, being 27 and FINALLY figuring everything out! Here I was, been married and had a child by the time I was 27, but never had a real orgasm.

Needless to say, I was like a horny teenager all over again! And I worked quite often to perfect the technique and my response and found that all I had been lacking before was the right intensity of sensation and LOTS of patience. My first orgasm occurred with a rather large body massager that I used between my legs on the outside of my labia so as not to have too much direct contact with my clit.

One thing to note here. I have had juvenile Type I diabetes since I was age 10 so with my diabetes going on 20 years by the time I was 27, I often wondered, and still do, about the neurological effects of the disease on my body. I was thrilled to have finally had my first orgasm at age 27, but I often still wonder if I had been much more sensitive in my earlier years and just didn’t know how to harness that energy into an orgasm.

I’m almost 31 years old now and my technique over the past 4 years has improved very much even taking into consideration some slight decrease in sensation in my clit from time to time because of diabetes. I found that I love to have another dildo, preferably one that vibrates, inside of me while I use a smaller, hand-held body massager on my clit. I use lots of lube to keep everything very slippery and wet and I usually like to perch my legs over the top of my headboard on my bed so I can spread them wide open as I masturbate. I use a pillow against the base of the dildo to help keep it inside of me and I can move and rotate my hips gently to mimic penetration and hit my g-spot as I use my hand-held massager on my clit. The massager has a small, smooth rounded tip on it that feels exquisite on my clit and the hand-massager is a plug-in model so I don’t have to worry about the batteries wearing out as I masturbate. I love to vary the pattern of the way I move the tip of the massager (which I’ve nicknamed “Tink”) over my clit to suit the sensations I feel coming from my pussy as I contract my vaginal walls around the shaft of the dildo over and over again. I always hold the hood of my clit wide open with my fingers to help keep my clit exposed and I slide the tip of Tink up and down, from my clit to my pussy, then around my clit in tiny circles and sometimes I gently hammer my clit with the tip of Tink as I’m getting closer to my orgasm. It takes me a good 10, sometimes 15 minutes to finally build up to the climax that usually drives me over the edge and into a wonderful orgasm. There is a rash of heat that starts at the top of my head and goes to the tips of my toes as my orgasm begins rocking my pussy with spasm after spasm and for a good 5 seconds, I’m somewhere else, deep inside of me, riding that wave of ecstasy, my hips thrusting against the dildo sliding in and out of me.

I find that I need to concentrate pretty intense on the sensations that I’m feeling, but with my eyes closed, I’m usually picturing being with another woman or having a couple of men and my husband pleasing me at the same time or certain pictures I’ve seen of very erotic scenes. It all depends on what kind of frame of mind I may be in.

The possible side effects of diabetes on female sexuality are mentioned on the Disabilities page.


Hi there, my name is Rosemary. I am a 35-year-old divorced female 5.10 in tall and weigh 58 kg, dark hair and blue eyes. I do not quite know where to start with this one. I have been reading about peoples experiences and thought I may share some of mine with your. First of all I must let you know that I am a total exhibitionist and voyeur, I also enjoy sexual pain and find that it really brings on a strong orgasm. I discovered this when I had my nipples pierced; the feeling nearly made me cum it was an amazing discovery. I love to perve and be perved at, so whenever I am feeling horny I will wear something really sexy or go to the beach and lie there and watch the guys looking at me, I find being admired and looked at gets me so turned on. I have teased guys all over in public places, on the train, in the movies, at work, walking in the road, even while trying on clothes in a department store, but I find the beach really gets me turned on and when I eventually feel myself it is an amazing experience. I often do not even make it home and masturbate in the car or the toilet on the beach. If you would like to hear of some of my experiences I would be glad to share them with all.

I have been masturbating since I was about 11 and find that I now do it at least once a day. As I have explained I am into a bit of pain so my technique may not be everybody’s cup of tea. When I get home after the beach or from work and I am feeling real horny I take a nice hot shower and let the water jets tease me all over. I then go lay on the bed and slowly start to play with myself and think about the fun I have had teasing the guys that day. Once I am wet and cannot take much more I get out my selection of vibrators. My favorite one is a very big one and a smaller one that feels like the real thing. I put a little KY Jelly on the small one and insert it into my bottom and the large one I insert into my pussy. The feeling is amazing, you can actually feel them rubbing against one another. Now this is the part that not everyone can do. I did say that my nipples are pierced. I take elastic bands and attach them to my nipple rings to that I have a pierce of elastic attached to each ring. I then get out my fastest vibrating dildo. Lying back on the bed I turn on the two vibrators that are in my bum and pussy, making sure they do not come out by pushing my foot up against them. I then turn on my third vibrator and put it on my clitty. With the other hand I grab the pieces of elastic and pull them up towards the ceiling, this gives me the most unbelievable feeling of pain and ecstasy one can imagine. Lying back fantasizing about what I have been up to that day, my whole body is vibrating in all its most sensitive places. It takes about a minute for me to orgasm but it is so intense that I sometimes squirt, but that is something I have no control over. The pain and the pleasure just take me over the edge. I know that this will not be everybody’s cup of tea but I wanted to share with you my technique for masturbating. If you would like me to write and tell you of some of my other masturbation experiences please let me know.

The pleasure many women experience as a result of intense or painful nipple stimulation is often the result of the chemical and electrical connection that exists between the nipples, brain, and pelvic region, and is mentioned on the page about breast anatomy.


I thought I’d give you one of the ways I masturbate since it’s probably a bit offbeat and unusual, but here goes. I’m a bit of a sadomasochist and have always experimented with pain for pleasure since I was a little kid. My favorite kind of pain is sharp and stinging, I started scratching myself as a kid because I had terrible, chronic back pain. The dull, muscular pain disappeared when I was experiencing sharper, more stinging types of pain, so over a period of time, I found I could only experience pleasure when this sharp pain was present to take away the dull ache.

What I do sometimes is I take off all my clothes and kneel on my bed. I run my hands all over myself and massage my breasts. I really like to have a mirror in front of me to watch myself, this really gets me off! When my hands are stroking myself I like to occasionally dig my nails in and scratch hard enough to hurt, but not enough to break the skin or make me bleed, just surface scratching and pinching. I pinch my nipples and because I have large breasts I can bring my nipples up to my mouth and suck them and bite them – damn that feels so good! Sometimes I hold one nipple in my mouth while the other hand strokes over my pussy just gently. I like to shave my pussy so it feels smooth and slippery when it gets wet; it’s such a turn on! When I get pretty wet I put clothes pegs on my labia until there are three on each side, and I can lower myself so that the pegs touch the bed and hold my pussy lips open for my fingers to rub up and down and over my clit, which is pretty big because of steroids I took when I used to weight-train. This makes the pegs grip my labia and pinch on them and each time I feel it pinch I suck my nipple and put two or three fingers into my pussy. Then I get my anal dildo and make it all wet with the juice from my pussy and just when I start to get really hot I slowly slide it into my ass and rest the base of it on the bed so that I can move up and down and hump it like a dick. Sometimes I like to have two dildos to hump – one in my ass and one in my pussy, and then I take the pegs off my pussy and the skin’s dented where they were and when I rub over it with my fingers it’s sometimes so sore it makes me wince, but it’s so sexy to spread all my warm juice around. Sometimes I like to spread it onto my nipples and lick it off them. Once I start humping those dildos, licking and biting my pussy-flavored nipples and rubbing my clit it doesn’t take long for me to cum like a maniac! I leave the anal dildo in and lie down on my back, rubbing my breasts with my wet fingers until I start to breathe slower again, then I take my vibrator and switch it on low and rub it over my labia. Pretty soon I end up turning it up and if I press down onto my clit with it I get another orgasm in a couple of minutes. For me this is the best way to while away half an hour or so!!!


When I masturbate I do it in the shower. I have a detachable showerhead so I take that down and put directly on my clitoris. I set it on the highest speed and the second it touches my clit I get this overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Then I fantasize that a woman is giving me oral sex and then I orgasm and its the most intense feeling ever. You should really try the shower method.


After reading all of these glorious stories, I decided I needed to take myself to the bath and treat my throbbing clit to a water treat. It took me a couple of minutes to get into the right position, but once I did, and the water began its licking massage, I began to breathe faster and I could feel a climax building. Usually, once I feel it build, I cum quickly, but the new sensation with the water, seemed to be suspended. The buildup was incredible!!! I came so long and hard, the pleasure was exquisite. Afterward, my heart was just pounding and my legs could barely support me once I stood up. Thank you ladies, for giving me a new idea to pleasure myself with. There is one way I make myself cum, that I haven’t seen here yet, and some of you may laugh, and that’s ok, but you must try this…it’s an amazing cum….unlike no other. I love anal, vaginal and clitoral stimulation, so one day, I was going through my tool/junk drawer, looking for a magic item to satisfy the lusty and horny cravings of my anus and vagina, simultaneously, without much effort. Voila! I found a brand new pair of long-handled pliers with silicone covering on the handle grips. I took them out of the package, washed the handles thoroughly with hot soapy water, and ran excitedly upstairs to my bed, with my brand spanking new toy. I lay on my back and I took my lubricant and let it drip on my clit and anus, then I applied more to the handles…. One handle was a bit shorter than the other. I inserted the longer handle in my very hot and throbbing pussy and the other shorter handle slipped quite naturally into my ass. I almost came right then, but I wanted to hold off. I knew I hit the jackpot. I began by massaging my clit with my finger and could feel it getting hotter and harder. As I rubbed my clit with my right hand, my left hand moved the smooth handles in and out of my pussy and ass, simultaneously….effortlessly. Three sensations at once…just amazing. The handle in my pussy rubs my g spot in the perfect place, the handle in my ass was small enough not to hurt and hard enough to let me feel where it was. I have NEVER had such an intense orgasm. Sometimes I can come in less than a minute and it lasts for almost a whole minute. For those of you who cannot come while lying on your back, I suggest you try this technique. I wash the pliers very well when I’m done and put them back in the drawer, and when I see my boyfriend using them to do odd jobs around the house, I get very aroused and he hasn’t caught on yet why I jump his bones when he uses them.



I have been masturbating since I was 13 or 14. I had a friend (and still have her as a friend) who I discovered it with. We would play doctor and she would play with my vulva and clitoral area, and vice-versa. Later (about 15-17) we would hump each other. We decided to stop doing that after a while. When I was 8, we were playing truth or dare, I dared her to lick me “down there”, and I had my first experience of oral sex. We are older now and masturbate frequently together and touch each other. Last night, we had a sleepover and we played truth or dare. We had to be quite and stay in her bedroom, so I did some of these things which I will have to try at home soon: I rubbed a cold water bottle against my vulva area, I put a shirt in my panties and rubbed against a bed pole (She has a canopy bed so I kind of humped and rubbed the pole), and I humped my leg. I found out last night if you pretend that you are already having an orgasm, it really intensifies it.
When I do not have her to give me idea’s or she is not there (so we can’t touch each other), I have two ways: 1.) I have a bathtub with jets so I throw my legs over the side of the bathtub and hump the water from the jet as hard as I can. When I am about to orgasm I turn it off (it gives me orgasm within 3-5 minutes if I continually hump the water). I relax for a minute and then I go back to humping the water as hard as I can. 2.) I lay on my bed and call my dog up with me. I pull down my panties and play a little bit with my clitoris (pulling, rubbing, etc.) so I am wet. My dog really likes the juices and so he just laps them up. Although it takes a while to orgasm this way, it is really intense.

I absolutely love your site and would love to have my message posted on there; it would be such an honor. I believe that masturbation should become part of school education so all children can enjoy it and it shouldn’t have such taboo on it in our culture, it is a great and amazing thing

Regardless of our personal feelings toward the subject of humans having sex with animals, a few girls, teens, and women do engage in this activity. I believe most have witnessed a dog stick their inquisitive nose between a girl or woman’s legs and sniff her vulva through her clothing, and this is sufficient to peak the curiosity of some. Right or wrong, it happens. In this case, she has always been very sexual and intuitive, from an early age, and is not significantly controlled or inhibited by social mores or peer pressure. Her girlfriend is equally sexual and supportive. While perhaps unusual, she is not abnormal.


My name is Olivia and I wish to share my masturbation technique with others.
I am 23 and have been masturbating since I was 17 (much older than most here) and have become an orgasm freak.

I need to orgasm almost every day and some days more than just once.

My usual method is to hold my clitoris between my first and second fingers gently stroking upwards and downwards, this tends to move the hood of my clitoris in much the same way as a foreskin on a male penis.

By gently rubbing with my clitoris between both my fingers and gradually adding more pressure I have unbelieveable orgazms and sometimes can have several by inserting the finger of my other hand into my anus just as I am about to climax.

Love reading others’ experiences here.

Wish I could find out if others get the urge to also masturbate on a daily basis??


I am 19 now and I love to masturbate. I remember masturbating starting at a very young age like about 14 or 15. I believe I first realized about masturbating from my older brother, I was like 4 and he was like 6, he use to grind against me and stuff so I started to touch myself and learn how to make myself feel good. I have many memories of being really young and having sexual experiences with other very young kids. Like this one time I remember I was like 8 and 3 of my girlfriends were at 1 of the girls house, we had her parents porno on and we said that we were going to make a porno. The girl had a baby bottle and stuck it in her pants and we all took turns humping her. Well I’m not sure if this makes me a lesbian or something but I am still attracted to girls and I would love to have an experience with another girl but I still feel weird about it all. I even get crushes on other girls, but I still love boys a lot also. Anyways this is supposed to be about masturbation so the way that I masturbate I don’t like to penetrate myself, I always do it with something soft like a stuffed animal or pillow and I just grind against it or rub it around my clitoris. I cannot have an orgasm just using my fingers for some reason. Most of the time I like to watch one of my parents porn tapes or I fantasize and look at my body in a mirror. I have never had an orgasm with someone else, I have been eaten out by two boys but I can’t get comfortable enough to just let myself go. I don’t think I will ever probably have an orgasm with a boy.


My name is Tracy and I am 34 years old. My first memories of masturbating were from the time I was about 16 years old. I would literally hang on the door of my bedroom with my legs wrapped around each side of the door and my hands each holding onto the handles of the door. I would lift my body up and ride up on the thin side of the door, moving up and down. I loved the sensations that would happen and I think this is probably when I had my first orgasms. I also used to face the jet bubble of a pool and with my arms hanging onto the sides of the pool, resting on my upper arms and elbows I would place myself and my pubic bone area right by the jet bubble, when it would get too strong I would move away slightly and just have the more gentle feeling of the bubble massaging the area. I loved to do this and I suppose I must have cum from this, even though I do not remember that exactly. As I got older I became more aware of the fact that masturbating was not something looked upon as good and I started doing it more in secret. I did the same as the door hanging thing, but with closets. I needed a closet that had shelves coming out from a closet “wall” at about shoulder height and I would hoist myself up, resting my elbows on the shelf and ride the closet wall. It was tiring and I often had red, indented marks on my arms from pushing against the closet shelves for so long. I definitely remember cumming from this.

I think that my present way of masturbation started when I was a teenager, but I don’t remember how or when exactly, but I know for sure it is one of the greatest sensations. I love to lie on my stomach and slide my body up and down, as well as forward and back. I start slow and I like to feel the tip of my clit rubbing against the floor or the bed. As I start to play mind games, the sensations get stronger and I start to go a bit faster and harder. I call this rubbing and I cum from it pretty much every time.

For me, the best part of masturbating is that I can only do it with permission from my husband, who is by my choice and total consent, my Master. This means that even if I am very horny and turned on, I have to hold back and just feel the throbbing of my vulva and cannot get relief — but when I do get permission, and I am free to relax and allowed to let the feelings take over, then it is just the most satisfying experience. The mind games I play to get very turned on are a part of the way I have chosen to live my life and the reality of my life enhances it very dramatically. I am a submissive wife in a full-time D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship. I am happily married to my Master and we have four children under the age of 10. I gave myself to Him and submitted my life to him a few years back and we have been working on the relationship for a few years now. There have been periods of time when my role as a submissive wife has been more in the background, but the reality is always there. Recently we again decided to turn up the heat and moved into a heightened mode of this lifestyle. What it means is that I have no control in my life. Only what my Master allows me to have control over, which is basically running the house and seeing to the daily needs of the children. Any and all decisions have to be talked over with my Master first and he gets to decide in the long run. This includes how I pleasure myself and when. I am allowed to ask permission to cum, and in fact am encouraged to want to. I am allowed to ask, or to beg, to masturbate. I must always keep in mind though that my Master might say No and then I need to just stifle the feelings and wait until another time. Being a submissive wife and having given all control over to my husband and Master turns me on tremendously. He owns me, body and soul and I love that I am his. I admit to feeling resentment now and then and feel this is my biggest downfall as a slave wife. I am fortunate to have a loving Master who is patient and is helping me get over these resentful moments. Not being able to masturbate when I want, to have to ask permission to do it, or, on the other hand, to have to do it on demand even when I am not in the mood, all makes the whole experience very much more sexy. My body and its natural sensations are not mine. I am owned and kept and I must obey. This reality just heightens the level of love (and horniness!) in my marriage. I hope it remains just like this forever.


Hi, my name is “Maddy” and I’m 19 years old. I used to associate masturbation with boys and their friend, “rosey palm.” I thought It wasn’t okay for me to do it. It seemed dirtier. Then I read about your website in Glamour magazine. Thank goodness for that! I realized it’s okay for me to do it. My method is to bunch up a sheet, a blanket, and a pillow and ride them like a mechanical bull with one leg standing on the floor, the other kneeling on the bed. I experience a wonderful sensation, but then it sort of stops. (I’m also watching the sex parts of 40 days and 40 nights while I do this) I did experience my first clit erection tonight but it scared me a little. I’ve tried vaginal penetration but I don’t feel anything, or I take the object out because I’m afraid of it getting stuck up in there. (Wouldn’t that be embarrassing:( ) I hope I will read more things to help me. (You can use this on your website)


I am 54 years old and have been married 26 years. I masturbate because it feels soooo good and I love to have an orgasm.

I masturbated one time and that was years ago and it felt good but because I felt it was unnatural and wrong (this was due to my very religious upbringing) I did not do it again until recently. I was in the shower applying salt scrub to my body. While rubbing it on my body I got aroused and started fingering myself. It felt so good that I got out of the shower, I laid down on the floor and tried it again. I love it. I love it so much that I have been masturbating 4 to 5 times a day. I can’t wait for my husband to go to work and leave me alone to enjoy this new found desire.

I want to add that my husband is a very good lover and eats pussy like nobody’s business. Last night he watched me masturbate and really got off. I have not told him I have been masturbating daily. I’m not sure how he will react if I tell him how many times a day I have been doing this.

I love your website and have been reading it daily. It is informative and has answered most of my questions about masturbation. I have not read that anyone masturbates as many times a day as I do. Is it unnatural to masturbate so many times a day?


I have masturbated on and off since I was 16 years old. But I’ve only had two methods of masturbation give me an orgasm.

The first is with a pillow, when I am naked I kneel down with it between my legs and then grind up against it and bounce up and down until I climax.

The second is with vibrations, I used to use my electric toothbrush and put the head against my clit. Recently though I got a pocket rocket type vibrator which workes wonders and is the fastest way for me to have an orgasm.


Hi all, My name is Nancy, I’m 26 years old and I explored this beautiful site while searching online. This website of your’s/our’s (I should say) is a wonderful awakening for ladies who are looking for the right education in the field of sex. Masturbation, as explained here is a phenomenon which relieves body from all sort of tensions and eases the soul to a greater extent.
My way of masturbation is a bit hard and different from others because it involved only mind and a fair degree of exercise which I follow from my childhood days. As I’m an exhibitionist, I open my curtains for others to explore what I’m involved in at that moment of time (mostly ladies). I open my clothes before a full-length mirror in my room and start generating images in the back of my mind about 8-10 beautiful naked women teasing me with their orgasm and after that they pee on me and drench me in their pee simultaneously. It gives me a pleasant sort of right between my legs. Thinking this way enlarges my nipples and broadens my vulva, which becomes wet and throbbing for penetration.

Before all this, I use to drink a lot of water and while I’m aware that I’ve a longing for pee, I start my masturbation. I lie on my cool floor, all naked and open up myself as far as I can. While the pressure is generated in between my legs both from an urge to pee and simultaneously a throbbing for penetration, I start my brain exercise. I open the flow of my pee to come forward enough to the vaginal openings and maintaining my fantasy, I start dripping my vaginal juices plus a spoonful of pee both originating at a time and let it trickle down to my anus. Oweeeeeee it gives me a perfect hardon from inside and I restrict and go the flow slowly n slowly. Every inch of my body craves for my touch but I refrain from doing it , instead stimulate my mind to explore from within my sensual parts. The warm juices which come from my vagina mixed with my pee kiss my anus gently for shorter period of time and again and again. By restricting and letting go my fluid thro’ my cunt for long duration (approx 50 minutes I use to hold on) makes me cum in loads and loads. This relaxes my body and soul from deep within.

Ladies, please note: There is a muscle in between anus and vagina which can be tensed and relaxed. If by any means you can take care of this, you can enjoy my masturbating in full length. All you’ve to do is to keep this muscle “tensed and relaxed” while at work or in shower or finally maybe while you were peeing. it’s a kind of sensation and generates pulses which has a longer-lasting effects. Sometimes I use my hands (for first time) and open up my anus, so that the warm juice of mine trickle inside and elongates pleasure. 🙂

Another method involves all those things (hand, tongue, dildo etc.) mentioned by others. This time the exception is about using tap water and a extension shower hose which must be small enough so that it can be inserted in your anus without doing much harm (as it all depends on you to a certain degree). I get naked, explore my body just like others and while I’m exploring and generating tension in my cunt, I put my shower on and insert my hose in my anus, letting go the water inside to a certain degree and stop the knob when I feel it is sufficient inside. Tap water or sometimes cold one work wonders for me.
I think their is nothing wrong in involving an exploring whatever means necessary for a blasting orgasm and complete mental satisfaction, but about this act, I’m not too sure for this is going to harm me or not?????? I’m confused about this act of mine and maybe need an explanation from anyone in this website. These two effects have become one of my daily necessity and can’t live without it. If you want to enhance your pleasures a bit wild then massage your body with your pee first. This will give you the smell of your hormones and stimulates you for more and mmmmmore excitement. If you are playing along with your friend (usually another woman) then go for a massage with her pee. This is mind blowing erotic. Even the taste and smell of your own body intensifies your quest for orgasm. chow 🙂

The injection of plain water into the rectum and colon, an enema, is not harmful unless it is done frequently or if large amounts of water are used, as then it may cause problems with the body’s chemical balance. You can also affect your core body temperature. There are women who find enemas very erotic and that they enhance their orgasms, perhaps because of the increased tension in the body. For more information about enemas please see Tristan Taormino’s Anal Advisor section.

Urine and urination can also be an erotic activity. It is through urination that many discover their genitals and the sensitivity of them. Urine and urination is a part of many women’s sexuality, in part because urine passes through the clitoral structures and the female prostate gland, or G-Spot. There are women who enjoy sexual activities when their bladder is full or when they release urine. It is my understanding that urine and urination plays a part in the mating rituals of many species. Urine is not harmful if you are healthy and do not have any diseases that may be transmitted through it.


I love to masturbate in front of a mirror so I can see how my pussy and breasts react to the stroking. As I keep stroking my pussy gently I can see the tips of my breasts start to swell until they stick out and up from my chest. My pussy lips in the mirror turn bright red and begin to swell, I love the sweaty scent of my aroused wet swollen pussy. As I continue to stroke my pussy harder, I can see my clitoris swelling under my pussy lips, as I pull my pussy lips back and look really close I can see the tip of my clitoris sticking out of my hood and contracting almost like a beating heart. At this point I’m at the point of no return, I’m almost panting like animal and I can feel my heart slapping against the wall my chest like a rock hitting my chest, I’m a woman in good shape but with low body fat and my ribcage is well defined and as I look down at my ribs I can almost swear I can see the tip of my heart slapping between my ribs with each beat I’m so aroused. I start to convulse wildly during orgasm and my heart feels like its going to explode in my chest its beating so hard and fast. Cindy age 24


I started to masturbate when I was about eight years old. I would get on my teddy with nothing on and rock back and forth until I cum. Finally, when I entered middle school I had sex ed and found out that it was my clit I was rubbing and not my vagina that brought me to my peek. I then started to use my fingers. After losing my virginity in high school then I started to masturbate with objects like bananas and anything else I could find. My boyfriend loves to fuck me and have me play with myself, this turns both of us on. But my favorite way to masturbate is to rub my lips and the opening of my vagina gently until I’m soaking wet and leave my clit for last is the best.


My name is Olivia and wish to share my masturbation technique with others. I am 23 and have been masturbating since I was 13 (much older than most here) and have become an orgasm freak. I need to orgasm almost every day and some days more than just once. My usual method is to hold my clitoris between my first and second fingers gently stroking upwards and downwards, this tends to move the hood of my clitoris in much the same way as a foreskin on a male penis. By gently rubbing with my clitoris between both my fingers and gradually adding more pressure I have unbelievable orgasms and sometimes can have several by inserting the finger of my other hand into my anus just as I am about to climax. Love reading others experiences here. Wish I could find out if others get the urge to also masturbate on a daily basis??


I personally start by looking at your site or other pics or stories that get me turned on.. When I fell wet down there I go to my room and lock the door I go to my bed take off my clothes and start by gently rubbing my clit then I get harder and harder and flip over to my stomach where I fantasize usually about a group of girls masturbating together…Although I’m not gay and have a very serious relationship with my boyfriend, there is just something about this that turns me on. I thrust my pelvis up and down as I continue rubbing my clit, occasionally I’ll slip a finger or two into my pussy or finger my butt, this adds to the climax until I finally burst !! Its great !! Another point I’d like to add is to all of you gals that haven’t been able to experience an orgasm with a partner…hang in there! I just had my first with my boyfriend the other day, it takes a lot of time and lots of communication tell him what feels good so he can learn to please you better. although the orgasm I had with him doesn’t begin to compare with the ones I can give myself it was great none the less…so hang in there and keep trying !!!


I think the best way I get off is to get a night-time pad, (the long, big ones) get it wet with warm water, put it on my underwear, and get a basket ball or a soccer ball and rock back and forth. Another good one is to put an ice cube in me and the rub my clit. It sends a chill through my body and its awesome.

Caution should be used when inserting ice into the vagina as frostbite is possible since the inner vagina is not usually highly sensitive to touch.


Well, it was during cheerleading camp our 12th grade year. I was very strong so I made a good post(on the bottom) for our pyramids. My best friend Leslie was always on top of me. She would sit on my shoulders and I could feel her warm mound against my neck. I knew it felt good to her because she would press herself against me and squeeze her thighs together..it drove me crazy!! Some of the sideline cheers would last a long time and I would be bouncing with her sitting on me for half of the day. I could feel her wetness and feel her tremble when she came. It was amazing. We continued this until we graduated high school…in the pool, she would partner with me when we played “chicken” and in her swimsuit, it was even better. A couple of times when we had been drinking people would skinny dip and I will never forget the feel of her bare pussy and ass sliding up and down my neck! Magical! Also, go horseback riding! Bounce in that saddle or put on a long flowing skirt with no panties and you will never want to get off of that animal! One continuous orgasm! I loved the stuffed animal in your panties idea…get a beanie baby and put it in your panties…slip on some snug jeans…THEN LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! Go for a drive and gently pelvis thrust…you will be sooooo wet by the time you get home!!!


My earliest recollection of masturbation is when I was a very young girl. I discovered that, if I need to urinate and held it till it was a very urgent, pressing feeling, I could turn this into an orgasm without touching myself. I would almost let myself pee, but not quite, then flex my Kegel muscles and concentrate on the feeling and pressure. It would take some time, but I had great orgasms, without knowing what they were. All I knew was that this felt great. I’ve read many of the submissions to this site and only today, found another’s experienced similar to my own. Thanks for bringing us together in our experiences..


I’ve been masturbating since I was about 14 or 15, I can’t really remember. My masturbating started out as a bad experience with my male cousin. He used to touch my clit (only twice that I remember) and I didn’t really know it was wrong at the time because I was so small but all I knew was that it felt good. Later, I began to touch myself and did it almost every night before I went to bed, it relaxed me if nothing else. When I was small I had several friends whom enjoyed doing the same thing I did so I realized I wasn’t the only one who liked it.

When I was eleven I saw my first pornographic movie and masturbated while watching it and all of the sudden I climaxed and had an orgasm. I was in shock and was actually quite scared because I had no idea what happened but I knew it felt good! After a while I figured out what it was and began to do it more and more.

Recently I found the joy of penetration with the help of my boyfriend. I never really liked penetration until my boyfriend did it and now I love it. My other favorite variation on masturbation is penetration and rubbing at the same time. Occasionally my boyfriend will perform oral sex on me and finger me at the same time, which is also unbelievable, but I still can’t get off unless I’m alone. I also love to watch porn and masturbate, I’m very visually stimulated. If I do fantasize its usually involving women. I’d love to have a female friend to masturbate with again, you just have a certain type of connection that’s very deep when you have that


Hi, I am 19 yrs old and I absolutely love your site and I love to masturbate. What I do is that I pinch and tweak my nipples hard until their hard. Then I read some stories on your site. After that I put my hand in my underwear and play with my clit which is throbbing and begging for touch then when I’m about to orgasm I put two or three fingers inside me all the time fantasizing with another girl wow its great!


Hi, my name is Sky, I’m 18 and have been masturbating since I was six. When I was younger, I remember getting very horny, but I didn’t know what that word meant back then, so I didn’t know what I was feeling or what it was called. I would put my vagina on the arms of chairs and start pushing down on it…it felt pretty good actually, and I recall the feelings I had when I was six. However, I hadn’t figured out what an orgasm was or to masturbate meant until I was 13.

One day, I was home alone during summer vacation and was looking for porn on the internet. I ended up reading articles about how to masturbate and have an orgasm. My friends and I would just make fun of this stuff, we never actually considered doing it, I don’t even think we knew the true meaning of it at the time. I read about the finger technique first. I went up to my room, laid on my bed, and started fingering myself. I would just stick my finger in a hole and rub my clitoris, but I didn’t feel too aroused. I tried again in five days, I went online later to read more. I found the electric toothbrush technique…now THAT changed the way I masturbated. Right when I started to vibrate it on the hood of my clitoris, I felt instant pleasure. It felt amazing! I would just start to daze off and not even know what I was doing! Then, it happened, I got my first orgasm, and it felt amazing. I remembered every detail. It started to feel like I had butterflies in my stomach. My vagina started to jerk up and down a bit, and I started to shake all over. It just felt so good I can’t explain it! Then, I couldn’t take it anymore and just stopped. I couldn’t move a muscle, it was then that I realized I received my first orgasm!

I’ve improved over the years though. Now that I’m 17, I’ve had a boyfriend and we’ve had sex a two times. For some reason though, I find to make myself hornier when I cum by myself. My breasts are very big, and what I do is take cum and caress them on to my tits. I then take my breasts and make them hard. I bring my tits to my mouth and start biting them, and start licking my breasts. I take a dildo with a very fast vibrator and move it up and down my clitoris. I then stick it in my hole and put my legs shut. I get so aroused! I feel so good afterwards and just feel horny and I’m also in the mood to have sex with someone…I become that desperate! After that, I just keep repeating until I realize that I’ve had enough!

I’m also bisexual, and have had sex with a female. She was very experienced, and we’ve had hardcore sex five times…IT FEELS AMAZING! Just knowing that you can have sex with someone who wants and knows the needs you feel! We’re both cheerleaders, and when we went skinny dipping together with the rest of our squad, we got so horny that we almost made out right there in the pool in front of all of our friends. She masturbates with me and we both give each other awesome techniques. We always do this before we have sex.


I love to masturbate, I think about my boyfriend’s big hard-soft penis. I masturbate even when we make love, I suck my fingers, then I place them against my clitoris, watching how aroused is he.

When I’m alone, I figure myself being aside a woman who has big, brown nipples like mine, I imagine sucking them, I suck her tits, and then I lick and masturbate her clit, I mean it, my partner makes me masturbate while making love, it’s very pleasant.


I’m 30 and have been masturbating since I was 15, so you see, I’m very experienced and consider myself an expert! I’m very good with my hands and can make me feel incredible. I like to experiment and I have also tried other techniques using dildos, vibrators, showerheads, and other things, and I have orgasms just about every which way. But when it comes to my favorite way to come, doing myself with my hands is definitely the best!

I’m a good lover for myself and as with all good lovers, I’m always looking for new ways to give pleasure. I come to this site often and like to find new things to do with my hands. Please keep posting your hand techniques! It’s important for my research!

My favorite positions are either lying in bed with knees apart or sitting propped up with pillows and knees drawn up. The second position is obviously best if you want to watch yourself in a mirror. I love the feeling of spreading my legs. I like to take both palms and place them on either side of my pussy and just rock them back and forth. I almost always use both hands to masturbate, double the pleasure! I like both gentle and firm pulling of my lips. Spreading the lips as far as possible makes a good feeling. I like to take my thumb and second and third fingers to pull on my clit, making the motion like picking a berry. Sometimes, gentle stroking with my fingernail is something I do. Sometimes I like penetration and will use 2 fingers. I like to mix it up a bit and see how many different strokes and different areas to stroke I can use to pleasure myself. There are endless variations. Slow and fast, hard and soft, straight back and forth and circular. You can use the point of your finger, the flat part of your finger, your palm…. I get very wet when I masturbate and feeling myself all slippery arouses me even more. When I am masturbating, I don’t really think about trying to have an orgasm, I’m just concentrating on the pleasure of the moment. When my orgasm comes, it almost takes me by surprise.

I like to fantasize that I am teaching other women who are pre-orgasmic to masturbate. I am on a platform and I describe what I am doing to myself in detail, they watch and take notes.

With all of my years of experimenting, there is one technique that I rely on when I just want to get myself off pretty quick and don’t want to do a lot of varied emotions. I rub my clit through my hood in a circle using a fast, hard touch that is almost rough, and I can have a very quick orgasm in less than a minute that way. Also, you don’t have to get your hands wet with this technique so clean-up is easy.

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