102 reasons female orgasm denial is the best

I like to be denied and I’m proud of it 🙂 I’m also a woman and a feminist so I find it a bit disappointing that looking around one only finds smut and information on denial and chastity for men. So here are my reasons for denial rights :

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1. I have no moral right to enjoy the same pleasures as a Dominant man.
2. I have no right to refuse pain, discomfort or frustration from my Master.
3. Permanent Orgasm Denial is safe and sane and is therefore fully within the rights of the Master.
4. Slaves have no automatic entitlement to pleasure.
5. Whether I orgasm or not should be my decision.
6. Dominants should have the right to orgasm whenever and however they choose.
7. I have no physical need to orgasm and therefore no right to.

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8. Orgasms make me unwilling to serve and obey and are therefore counterproductive.
9. Denial makes me more subservient and willing to do domestic work.
10. Denial helps me to see all forms of service as being of equal importance.
11. Denial helps me prioritize service to others above pleasure for myself.
12. Denial makes me easier to train and control.
13. Denial makes me more willing and able to quickly get up and continue serving after being used sexually.
14. Denial makes me more eager to find a Dominant to serve and submit to.
15. Denial allows me to serve fully without expectations of my own pleasure.

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Downsides of Orgasms

16. Orgasms make me bossy, manipulative and self-serving.
17. Orgasms make me bratty, disobedient and demanding.
18. Orgasms make me spoiled, greedy and needful.
19. Orgasms make me selfish, lethargic and unsubmissive.
20. Denial prevents mood swings caused by fluctuating sexual arousal and the highs and lows of orgasms.

Better in Bed

21. Being aroused makes me more fun to play with.
22. Most Dominant men prefer to fuck a very aroused submissive.
23. Being very aroused makes me more eager for and responsive to sex.
24. Denial makes me a better sex slave as I am not distracted by the hope of my own orgasm.
25. Denial allows the Dominant to focus on his own pleasure during sex.
26. Denial allows the Dominant to enjoy sexual relief without the pressure of being required to perform.
27. Denial gives Dominant an additional way in which to pause and enjoy my suffering.
28. Denial makes me equally happy to be used in my arse or mouth or to be cum on.
29. Denial makes it easier to accept being used by others when a Dominant requires it.
30. Being denied ensures that I have less self-imposed limitations and expectations about play and sex.
31. Denial helps me give complete sexual control and obedience to those who Dominate me.
32. Denial ensures that I am physically ready whenever and however a Dominant wishes to use me.
33. Lack of submissive expectations about pleasure ensures that the Dominant does not feel judged, compared or rejected sexually.
34. Denial makes me see sex as a privilege and not a right.
35. Denial allows the Dominant’s sexual preferences to take full priority.
36. Denial helps me focus on the pleasure of the Dominant instead of my own physical sensations.
37. A lack of concern for my pleasure and satisfaction gives more options to those who use me.
38. Denial reminds me that my preferences are not the limit of how I can be used, sexually.
38b. Denial makes my pussy tighter, giving more pleasure to my Owner.

Benefits to the Relationship

39. Denial will help me bond with my Master by establishing a constant feeling of connection, submission and control.
40. Denial ensures my faithfulness and commitment as casual partners are unlikely or unable to offer the orgasm denial that I need.
41. Permanent Orgasm Denial is an intense, rare and unique experience which will ensure a deep and powerful bond between me and those who enforce it.
42. Denial ensures a contented submissive who is not anxious about her own pleasure.
43. A happy Master is essential for a happy relationship.


44. My sexual organs, including the clitoris, should be at the service of Dominant men at all possible times.
45. Sex is for the Dominant’s pleasure, not the slave’s.
46. It is not appropriate for a slave to lose self-control whilst serving a Dominant.
47. A slave’s body belongs to her Master and He decides how it is used.
48. My holes belong to those who use them and are for their pleasure only.
49. Serving anally and orally will help me focus on the pleasure of those who are using me.
50. My body can be used to give pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction to others, even when I dislike what is being done with it.
51. Denial helps me appreciate the utility, femininity, and submissiveness of my body.

Better at Taking Pain

52. Denial makes me more willing and able to take the pain to please others.
53. Denial accustoms me to the reality of slavery that is physically painful or difficult.
54. Denial makes me desire pain to deal with sexual frustration.

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55. My orgasms do not benefit anyone else and are therefore unnecessary.
56. My own pleasure is irrelevant to how much pleasure and satisfaction I can give to others.
57. Slaves are inferior to Dominants and do not deserve to orgasm.
58. Denial of orgasm is a small price to pay for the privilege of being Owned and enslaved.
59. Denial helps me to enjoy service and submission in their own right, and not just as payback for sexual pleasure.
60. Both parties working towards the Dominant’s pleasure creates a harmony of purpose and avoids conflict of interest.
61. Denial helps me to appreciate the beauty, dominance, and eroticism of the male orgasm.
62. My denial pleases and arouses Dominants who enjoy this fetish.
63. Denial prevents me from favoring only the sexual and s&m activities which are likely to cause me pleasure.
64. Denial makes me more willing to try things that may not be pleasurable or desirable for me.
65. I am more useful as a slave when my enjoyment is of no concern to myself or others.
66. Denial makes me less judgmental about serving and pleasuring others.
67. Physical arousal caused by denial enables me to pleasure more men, making me more useful as a slave.

Submissive Mindstate

68. Denial helps me to see myself as a total and permanent slave.
69. Sexual frustration is a constant reminder of my submission.
70. Denial causes me to remember and focus on the non-physical and non-pleasurable aspects of submission.
71. Denial trains me to give up control of my body, even when single.
72. Denial helps me appreciate the power and privileges of Dominant males.
73. Denial shows Dominants that I am willing to serve and be obedient.
74. Orgasms are unnatural and unsubmissive for slaves.

The Pleasures of Denial

75. Sexual frustration makes me emotionally happier and more subservient.
76. Extreme arousal is fun to play with!
77. Permanent Orgasm Denial is a great reward which I should seek and hope to experience.
78. Denial is an amazing gift of arousal and control from a Dominant and should always be treasured and appreciated.
79. Denial gives me freedom from my own sexual dictates.

Denial Improves Me as a Person

80. Being denied for long periods gives me discipline and self-control.
81. Learning not to obsess about my own orgasm makes me a better, more well-rounded person.
82. Denial saves time that would be wasted on masturbation.
83. Denial prevents me from prioritizing short-term satisfaction over long-term growth and development as a submissive.
84. Denial helps me choose Dominants on the basis of giving service rather than receiving sexual pleasure.
85. Realizing that I cannot and should not have everything I want is good for my humility.

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Denial as a Natural State

86. Denial is not an irregular restriction but a natural and permanent state for a slave.
87. Women have no physical need to orgasm.
88. Female orgasms are unnecessary for impregnation.
89. My orgasm serves no biological purpose.
90. Intense sexual arousal is a preferable and healthy state for adult females.
91. Denial of orgasm has been a normal state for women throughout history.
92. Sexual arousal is designed to persuade women to accept penetration from an aroused adult male.
93. Orgasms not resulting directly from insemination are unnatural and require correction.
94. My orgasm is designed to take place only after a male has ejaculated deep inside my vagina.
95. Female orgasms are designed to prevent sex from occurring after successful impregnation.
96. Female orgasms triggered by sodomy are abnormal and should be avoided.
97. Female sexual arousal is necessary to ensure breeding, unlike female orgasms.
98. Lack of sexual arousal after orgasm is an undesirable and temporary state.
99. Anal sex is a natural alternative for those wishing to avoid impregnation.
100. It is not natural for a woman to touch her sexual organs except when cleaning herself.

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101. Denial causes physical arousal and lubrication prior to sex and is, therefore, natural and to be encouraged for women.
102. My arousal serves no purpose if it does not lead to impregnation.

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