10 gift ideas for your submissive crossdresser

It’s always an excellent time to buy some great presents. Have you already gotten that ideal present for your crossdressing partner? Here are some gift ideas for the submissive crossdresser!

1. Panties – but not just the regular ones

The core foundation of a good little crossdresser is, of course, a frilly set of panties. Now I understand that most crossdressers already have a few pair. A great way towards better behavior is making the poor male wear them under his clothes to work for example. Now normal panties are nice, but they are nothing compared to these delights.

Double-lined satin for that extra soft feeling. On top of that, they come with two extra (fun and optional) features. One is a little hole in the bottom of the panties with frills to give easy access to the little fuck hole of your submissive crossdresser. To add insult to injury, there are also a few optional words that can be stitched on the back. Popular options are ‘Please spank me’, ‘Sissy whore’ and ‘Please fuck me’. All of these will make for an unforgettable Christmas present.

Imagine the look on his face when he unwraps these great gifts in front of you. First, the discovery that it’s a pair of very special double-lined pink panties, next to the wording on the bottom. Then the last surprise is the discovery of a weird hole with frilly lining. Imagine the look on his face when he processes what it’s for. When you bend him over the kitchen table, lift up his frilly petticoat and skirt and mount him with that brand new strap on! Oh no. spoilers of what is yet to come!

2. Stockings and a garter belt

B&W fucking him with a strapon

Nothing feels better than a great pair of stockings.

The feeling of soft stockings on freshly shaved legs is one that will really excite him. The stockings have the same plus points as the panties, they can be worn under his regular clothes. If you want to push it a little, you don’t let him wear socks. Better watch out that nobody spots that nylon stocking on his ankle!

In order to keep the stockings up, a garter belt should be added. Together with the panties, he is now already wearing three pieces of soft fabric. This will definitely keep him in check.


3. A frilly apron to wear while doing his chores

Now he is nice and submissive with his invisible pieces of clothing, it’s time to add the first visible piece. The apron is a great tool to show who is in charge. Imagine having some friends over for dinner and after dinner, you ask him to do the dishes. Of course, he will listen while wearing those double-lined panties, stockings, and the garter belt. But wouldn’t it even be better when he is wearing a frilly pinafore apron to protect his clothes?

Imagine the reaction from your friends when he is doing all the cleaning up in this apron. You for sure show who is wearing the pants in your relationship. Not only that, but you also do not have to lift a finger. Secretly it’s a gift to yourself!

If you are not in time for Christmas for this present, don’t feel bad! There is an even greater gift which is the gift of shopping. Imagine going to an actual store with him (of course while wearing some satin undergarments.) When you simply tell him that aprons cannot be bought without trying them on, he should be getting anxious.

In the end, you might not be sure between two aprons, and keep making him switch them up. “I like this one, but I need to see the other one again. Put on the other one for me.” This back and forth could go on for a while wherein the end you settle with buying both the aprons! That would be a shopping trip to remember.

4.  A soft satin romper or baby doll to wear to bed

Soon he will be ready for an unforgettable night in his pink satin romper.

Soft nightwear can help you make sure he stays excited. Being enveloped in soft satin the whole night will help him realize he is no longer in charge.

I would recommend a lockable romper for those who deserve a bit of punishment. The romper will feel like a bondage item to him. A romper is of course not complete without two pair of mittens. One pair will make sure his hands stay nicely locked up. The other pair will immobilize his feet as well. Sweet dreams for your naughty baby!

If your partner is more willing to be encased in satin, a thick layered baby doll will work wonders! Just rolling over in the thick layers of a baby doll is a sensation. The extra short baby dolls will make sure that his panties are still visible. Imagine rubbing his nipples through the layers of thick satin.

Remember that after he is ready for bed, it’s important to include your pleasure into the ritual. If you locked him in his night wear, make it a routine that he will have to make you come with his mouth only. Soon you will not even have to tell him to do so… It’s part of the bed time routine. Good night naughty girls!

5. A plug that keeps him in line and motivated

Wearing all those soft satin undergarments and maybe a frilly apron are important steps, the next big thing is filling him up. His behavior will change drastically. He will even be more attentive and more willing to please you. The plug will keep him motivated and excited throughout the day. On top of that, a good plug will be felt with every step but is comfortable enough to wear for a longer period of time. Also, the plug itself is the first step, of course, followed later by something even more serious.With all these great soft satin gifts, it’s also time to address one that he might be a bit more reluctant about. I do think you should push this one on (or rather in!) him. This magical gift can yield great results.

6. A frilly uniform to wear during the day

When you actually manage to lock him in a frilly satin maid’s uniform, he is all yours. Especially with all the different layers and gadgets at your disposal, he will no longer object to you.

My advice is to buy a high-quality uniform, not a Halloween costume, but an actual satin uniform. They will last for a long time and can often easily made to his measurements. Once he raises his arms to slip his hands into the sleeves and you stand behind him to zip him up, savor the moment and reflect on what is about to happen. Once you slowly and dramatically zipped it up, introduce the padlock. My advice is not to let him see it, instead, let him find it out on his own.

The dress is on, he feels you fumble at the back of his neck and all of a sudden he hears a *snap* or a *click*. It’s a worrying sound that might be difficult to place. If he asks you what you are doing just be vague “making sure the dress stays on”. He will find out shortly after that the frilly satin uniform will not come off unless you unlock him. Embrace that power, never will you have to do any housework!

7. Help him get a more feminine figure with a lockable corset

Locking corset.

lockable corset!

A lot of feminine clothing is restrictive. Use this to your advantage! The corset is a great tool to show him who is in charge. Who will argue while being tightly laced and locked into a corset? Breathing is already difficult, let alone acting up.

Corsets come in a variety of shapes and qualities. The first corset is always difficult but I would recommend spending some money so you get some good quality. Corsets come in a variety of materials. Of course here at Satin Submissions, we are a great fan of the soft satin material. Though a leather one might also give you that restrictive feeling with the benefits of using stronger material.

Personally I’m a fan of the lockable corset since it just adds that extra element of helplessness. Taking off a corset without any help is already a task, but a few padlocks will make sure that such a thing will never happen.

If you are not completely satisfied yet by the changes to his posture, the next items on the shopping list might help with that!

8. Forcing him to make small steps with a pair of high heels

High pink heels

These high pink heels

Every extra gift on this list will make him a little bit more helpless. They all take him a step away of his manliness. This gift quite literally forces him a step away from that since he will be towering in a pair of high heels.

Walking in heels is a skill that is foreign to men. They do not understand it and cannot do it unless they practice. Remember that night out where he was not considerate of the fact that you were in heels? Once you get him his own pair and he has to wear them while doing his chores, he will never make that mistake again.

Try to go for a decent pair, at least 4 inches. This will make the biggest change to his posture and also has the biggest impact on him personally. Imagine sitting on the couch while you see your own maid in his pretty satin uniform serving you tea. While he is walking away he is forced to take small steps because the heels don’t let him do his normal marching. It’s a great reminder of who is in charge.

9. Keeping him horny will keep him motivated with the help of a chastity device

Have full control over him by locking him up.

Have full control over him by locking him up.

This might sound all too familiar to you. He promises you to do anything you want him to do, but after some naughty playing around and you allow him to come, it’s over. He is back on the couch with a beer and there is a pile of dishes.

If you wish to have full control over his actions, a chastity device is your best bet. This little device will effectively lock his manhood up and you have all the control over it with the key. So now you can keep him motivated by punishment. If he didn’t do his chores, add two days. If he is rude to you, add another day. This can quickly stack up and don’t forget, you don’t have to let him come. If you are just enjoying his helplessness, you can always extend it for the simple reason that you are the one having the key.

Once you get him to wear this genius device, there is no turning back. You will see the biggest change in his day to day behavior, and I mean it for the better. Becoming the key holder is an important step in the relationship with you. You really are in full control now.

10. The holy grail towards full domination – the strap on

Leather strap on pegging

Strap on is the way to go.

So you got him locked up and wearing all different kinds of satin outfits. How do you really show him who is boss? The most effective way is by penetrating him. No longer will he be in control once you forcefully bend him over the kitchen table and have your way with him.

Stretching is important for him. Make sure that he is wearing his butt plug full time so he gets ready for the big night. Some couples like to start out with lovemaking. I reckon that a few straps or handcuffs will come in handy. Even a gag to make sure he doesn’t wake the neighbors up. The first time might not be a very pleasurable experience for him, but don’t forget, it’s about you. You are taking his virginity so he will be forever yours.

Start off by just pushing the tip of your new cock in, once he opens up you can push it all the way in. The key is to start off small and slowly make your way up. A beginner set with a few different sizes should keep you busy all the way until it’s springtime again.

Remember, he might not think it’s necessary but that’s just his last resistance speaking. Once you have penetrated him he will never see you the same. He will view you as a much more powerful person. Not only that, it’s an amazing feeling to wear a strap on and actually penetrate someone with it. One of the best feelings in the world!